cctv surveillance

CCTV surveillance

Tensor has extensive experience in installing CCTV surveillance and commissioning comprehensive video management solutions for large multi-site facilities.

We can integrate CCTV surveillance into other security systems including automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), access control and facial recognition to name a few, in order to enhance and improve the security and efficiency at your site.

Useful for health and safety as well as security, we provide a total security management solution, fully scalable, and delivered to the highest reliability and performance.

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CCTV networks and video surveillance

Wavestore CCTV integration with Tensor.NET

Wavestore is an open-platform and highly secure Linux-based CCTV Video Management Software (VMS). Wavestore has a live event stream that allows administrative users a viewing panel of activity that may occur with the application.

Tensor.NET will pass access control events that occur at any of the doors, via its metadata protocol to Wavestore. Through this protocol, these events can be viewed in the live stream and browsed by users - who can easily playback certain types of events, for example, when a door has been forced open, propped open or simply someone trying to gain access through a door they shouldn’t be.

In addition, Tensor.NET has also been enhanced to support Wavestore. The CCTV module provides special viewing facilities to enable historical or live video data to be browsed. CCTV cameras can be allocated to specific locations covering door entry points, allowing video footage associated with any access control event to be viewed.

The CCTV module adds these additional functions to your Tensor.NET application. Once the module is installed you can:

  • Create CCTV locations and assign them to various access control devices such as card scanners and door release combinations and push-buttons
  • Establish links to Wavestore CCTV networked DVR and associate their cameras to locations
  • View live or historical footage for any location
  • View footage associated with access or device events reported on user-designed enquiries

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You can purchase our CCTV range through ESPO or Crown Commercial Service (CCS).

cctv surveillance case study

Case study: Nexus Industries

With over 70 years of experience, Nexus Industries’ brands of Luceco LED Lighting, BG Electrical, Masterplug and Ross are market leaders in key electrical categories. After reviewing several competing systems, Nexus Industries selected a Tensor CCTV surveillance system and Tensor.NET time, attendance and access control solution to manage their site security.

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NSI Gold

Approved services and NSI Certificate of Approval for Access Control and CCTV Systems

NSI certificate of Approval

For high definition CCTV, NVRs and video surveillance, Tensor manufactures, installs and maintains bespoke CCTV surveillance solutions for UK businesses. Enquire today for a demo.

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