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Durable Tensor turnstile equipment raises money from public toilets case study image

Durable Tensor turnstile equipment raises money from public toilets

Simply by using specialist and state of the art equipment from Tensor plc, local authorities can increase revenue, attract more visitors and promote growth and investment in their borough. They can do this through encouraging a facility that has been in decline but is in fact the only one that every person needs – a public toilet. The company’s range of toilet turnstiles is a way of addressing this overlooked issue. The number of public toilets has declined roughly by 15 per cent in the past decade despite the population growing. It is not the initial investment that puts off councils, but the ongoing costs of maintaining them, running into £1,000s per annum. Local authorities are allowed to charge for toilet provision under the Public Health Act 1936, and this is where the Tensor group’s toilet turnstiles come in. Steady and significant revenues can be generated from the turnstiles to maintain the toilets. Our durable graded stainless steel turnstiles offer improved security and are supplied complete with a two year warranty. If people have to pay a nominal entrance fee it also discourages casual abuse, vandalism and unwanted intrusion – more importantly all members of the public will feel more comfortable and secure about using them. The coin mechanism can be programmed for virtually any combination of coins with a secure cash box to hold the coins, while high security options are available.  

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Biometric fingerprint technology improves security at your business case study image

Biometric fingerprint technology improves security at your business

Biometric systems prevent a clocking-in procedure being abused by employees or unauthorised people trying to gain access – remember, crime costs businesses £19billion annually according to the British Chambers of Commerce. Biometrics is the technique of studying the unique physical characteristics of a person such as your fingerprint, hand geometry, eye structure or voice pattern, as a way to provide irrefutable proof of identity. Tensor time and attendance or access control systems provide an effective "two-factor" security authorisation of an individual when fingerprint recognition is used in conjunction with a smart card. Because Tensor Biometric units read under the skin (sub-dermal) and not just under the surface of the finger, this form of I.D. is very difficult to defraud. The Tensor T32xx Biometric Clocking Unit is simply the best of its kind there is, being an all-in-one, affordable, IP enabled, Smart Card/Biometric Time & Attendance recording and security Access Control workstation; incorporating Job Booking, Job Costing, Labour Hours Analysis and Security Management including quality CCTV playback. Equipped with biometric fingerprint technology, GPS auto location, speech output, video and mobile phone support you can eliminate fraudulent clocking, and improve security at your business. The user friendly, multilingual GUI (Graphical User Interface) makes using the T32xx simple and effortless for all employees likely to use – a smart card can be read in under ¼ second even if it is covered in oil and grease – as well as keep out those not permitted to enter.  

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