Visitor Monitoring

visitor monitoring

Visitor management systems

Our bespoke range of visitor control and monitoring systems allows non-employee personnel on-site to register, book appointments, check-in, and a whole host more. Capable of being integrated with your access control system, we can help transform your reception area or business.

Appointment booking streamlined

Our first-class Management of Contractors and Visitors Software (WinMCVS.NET) is a network-based application that allows you to book visitor appointments in advance and pre-book on-site contractors. These bookings can be made either via the PC based application or a user’s internet browser. Directly after an appointment is booked, notification emails are sent to both the visitor and their host informing them of the appointment’s date, time and location.

visitor management system
visitor management system

Self-registration made simple

Companies that do not have a front desk receptionist can take advantage of the Self-Service Visitor Management - an unmanned reception console. This console is operated via touch screen technology/devices only, no mouse or keyboard is needed. Here, visitors with appointments can book themselves in or out and the back office can contact their host upon their arrival. This can be done manually, or the host can be automatically notified by email.

Online appointment planner

Visitor appointments can be pre-booked either directly on the system or through the online Appointment Planner found within Tensor’s Self-Service Module (SSM). Employees with an account can log into SSM using their internet browser. Depending upon their security profile, SSM users can view and make appointments for themselves or colleagues. SSM users can also create new visitor and visitor company entries, view their own appointments, view all appointments at their site or view all appointments for their organisation.

visitor management system
visitor management system

Access control integration

WinMCVS.NET, the visitor monitoring module can be integrated with Tensor’s access control application. In this way when visitors and contractors arrive they are handed a smart card along with their identification pass. The smart card will grant them access through doors according to the security rules assigned to them on arrival. Security settings are available to require authorised cardholders to escort visitors. The authorised escort must scan their card to validate the visitor’s card before access is granted.

Welfare notifications and more

If the appointment is for a visitor or contractor working unescorted, WinMCVS.NET provides a Welfare Check page to set up welfare notification reminders. These reminders can take the form of an on-screen popup or an email, prompting the host to perform a safety check on the lone worker. History of checks performed and acknowledged is retained in the system for audit purposes.

visitor management system

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visitor monitoring case study

Case study: Teknoflex

The Teknoflex directors and executive team were looking to better regulate and record employee time and attendance, and to improve the control of access into both their offices and factories. Of particular importance was to have one system that would handle time and attendance, but also increase the security of their sites, which comprised of two separate factories...

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Tensor’s visitor management systems are designed to streamline your reception or help desk operations with appointment booking and more.

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