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time and attendance
time and attendance
time and attendance
time and attendance
time and attendance

Time and attendance systems and solutions

Our all-encompassing software supports working patterns, rosters, and shifts, logs job costings and labour hour analysis, all with built-in absenteeism and lateness reporting. Now with Microsoft Outlook integration, a built-in report generator and full EU working time regulations checking and reporting, you can streamline your workforce in just one place.

Improve HR management with our time and attendance system

Save time and money on HR processes with our systems automatic data processing and payroll export features where employee attendance data is instantly exported to payroll packages. Have full control over your data with automatic calculations of working hours patterns, annualised hours and flexitime methods of payment, automatically calculated paid time off, and graphical absence planner with powerful reporting/analysis facilities.

Market-leading software in time and attendance for 30+ years

Employed by many of Europe’s leading companies, Tensor has expert knowledge of industry challenges and is fully committed to quality in all aspects of a business. We are a NACOSS Gold, Secured by Design and ISO9001 accredited company with a strong focus on research and design for future market-leading products.

Time and attendance solutions UK businesses need

We listen to our customers and use their feedback when developing our latest products - this is why our WinTA.NET complete smart card time and attendance system ticks all the boxes.

Our time and attendance systems are extremely versatile, due to their modular nature. WinTA.NET is part of the Tensor suite of .NET applications. It can be combined with many other modules to provide one seamless application that meets all of your HR and security needs. Access control, personnel, CCTV, visitor monitoring, Tensor’s automatic number plate recognition and ID badge designer are all modules available to increase the power of your Tensor application.

Our time and attendance hardware have support for contactless smart cards, key fobs, or fingerprint biometrics. Employees can also clock in with incident/work codes (doctor or dentist appointments, sickness absences, holiday, overtime, etc.) and use a built-in web-based and mobile app. Our system supports CSCS cards too - allowing for fast and easy site access and attendance checking for contractors.

time and attendance
time and attendance

Specialist time and attendance software

At Tensor, innovation and business process optimisation have been integral parts of our DNA for more than 30 years. Our range of powerful, secure and reliable time and attendance systems are designed to help you cut labour costs and attain a superior level of operational efficiency by automating and simplifying mission-critical tasks, such as employee clocking, absence management and payroll processing.

We know that migrating to a new time and attendance system requires thorough planning, detailed specifications and a certain degree of flexibility. Due to our extensive industry expertise, we can provide services to the client from the conceptual stage through the implementation and completion of a project. We deliver unparalleled convenience and full compliance with the most stringent quality requirements in European and British standards.

Our compelling and cost-effective solutions have helped thousands of UK-based and international companies run more smoothly and efficiently by implementing lean and effective workforce management processes. As such, we're in the best position to offer you the tools you need to make the right business decisions that save your company money and boost your employees' productivity.

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Time and Attendance - Key Features

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time and attendance case study

Case study: EDF Energy

Back in 2000, the then Business Services Manager, Bob Kilford, wanted to install an automatic employee and contractor emergency roll call reporting system. He also wanted the same system to perform employee time recording for the 1,000+ staff. Bob reviewed systems and equipment from three different companies and chose Tensor because of the flexibility and ease of use of Tensor’s smart cards and software.

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Explore our range of time and attendance systems, software and solutions, designed to streamline the operations and management of your business. Get in touch with our team today to arrange a demo or discuss your needs.

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