Integrated Security, Access Control, Ticketing & Tracking for Sports Venues

Security solutions for stadiums & grounds to control & monitor crowds

As part of the effort to help supporters return to football, rugby, cricket, athletic events, stadiums and venues as concert halls, theatres, museums, and alike, Tensor has partnered with AFSS Ltd for the deployment of a range of integrated security, access control, ticketing and tracking systems.

AFSS Ltd are People and Asset Protection Specialists offering design, installation and integration for the safety of all. The company has more than 40 years industry experience and specialises in physical perimeter and people security, harnessing a team of industry experts offering a fully integrated service.

Integrated security, access control and facial recognition solutions

Tensor and AFFS have partnered for the development and installation of new integrated security access control solutions at the stadium and venue main entry points, at the building perimeter and within the building footprint, linking these new systems into existing platforms, enhancing current security levels, and at the same time introducing new enhanced security technology.

Knowing who is around or in a stadium or venue is critical for future safety measures, whether we’re talking about for football, rugby, cricket, horse racing, motor sports, athletics, concerts to name a few. Enhancing current security levels and at the same time introducing new security technology will represent a major step forward in getting supporters back home safely.

Our combined solutions use leading fusion matching of visual and infrared facial recognition technology, integrating it with thermal detection for COVID-19 venue checking, track and trace, linking into the ticket applications plus many other benefits. This tried and tested technology encompasses both accuracy and speed, creating a nonstop flow of supporters entering any venue or stadium in a safe, secure and in a timely manner.

High-end video surveillance systems with crowd facial recognition functionality bring a new dimension to identifying known criminals, terrorist, football hooligans, and so on, who can be intercepted before they enter the stadium. These types of individuals can be identified and stopped in their tracks before they can peruse their goals.

Furthermore, ticket touts can be identified and removed increasing the security level by changing the way tickets are distributed and linking into the new system.

The integrated systems provide a powerful tool combining many critical elements and providing customers with total control in understanding who is inside and within the perimeter of their stadium.

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Secure ticketing & tracking – match fit pass

With Match Fit Pass, stadium and entertainment venue staff along with future customers are ensured of a safe and seamless transaction from purchasing their tickets to attending events within a safe environment.

Vaccine - secure QR code - track and trace

Match Fit Pass is the world’s first and only ultra-secure vaccination pass to utilise secure QR codes in conjunction with facial recognition technology.

The system works in a very seamless manner. The vaccination centre logs into the MFP vaccination dashboard. The health care official then enters the lot or batch number of the vaccine. The system records the location, date, time and ID of who administered the vaccine and generates a QR code at the top of the screen.

The individual now has their specific vaccine information recorded. The health centre can securely message information to that individual. The Secure QR Code technology can securely verify the individual's vaccination status automatically when purchasing tickets and items within a stadium or venue.

Data security policy

Using bespoke AI software to verify the identity of a visitor from their ID, the Match Fit Pass generates a secure QR code that enables venue entry and records attendance at a football/rugby match, venue/theatre, etc. The host cannot access any individual’s personal information.

Individual verification

The individual simply registers themselves within the mobile security application, which will be checked against pre-existing Government approved documentation. Once approved, the individual can log into their account to access all tickets and other applications.

integrated security apps for sports venues

Their secure QR code includes ID, facial biometric and inoculation information. Fully digital tickets are stored on the mobile device – no paper tickets or membership cards are necessary or required for entry into any future event. Only the Match Fit Pass owner can use the ticket. The Match Fit Pass encrypts the user’s verified photograph into the secure QR code on their device and the two must match to permit entry to the event.

Taking the technology further into the event

The system will verify the individual identity of every person that visits your stadium or venue through a secure, encrypted track and trace solution. Our system removes human error and allows stadiums and venues to reopen with the confidence of a guaranteed track and trace solution, which enhances and integrates with and sits alongside the already tried and tested AFSS solution.

The big advantage with this is that the customer can now book a table and order their meal and drinks from their mobile (APP). This helps remove queuing and by introducing time slots, will aid possible close contact of individuals as they move around your stadium or venue, keeping people and staff safe.

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