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Tensor plc has a history of inventing, designing and manufacturing world-class products in the areas security and energy management.


Tensor designed and produced the worlds first smart card based Time and Attendance system. It was an immediate success and made Tensor a serious competitor in the T&A and Access Control marketplace.


Realising the explosive growth of the Windows marketplace, Tensor launched WinTA, the first smart card Time and Attendance and Access Control software package especially written for Microsoft Windows. It included full graphics, report and analysis generators, and the ability to hold a photo on file for every employee within a company. A world beating package from a world beating company.


Continuing with its image as technology brand leaders in T&A and Access Control, Tensor launched its new 16-bit clocking station in May 1995. Able to hold clocking and security information on 2,500 people, each unit had advanced automatic fire-roll features, an intelligent uninterruptible power supply and the ability to handle up to 12 Access Control points. Use of the latest Surface Mount Technology (SMT) made the equipment reliable and kept prices low.


Tensor launched WinTA Lite, a market beating, low-priced Time and Attendance system. For just £1,495 you get a complete smart card Time and Attendance system which has many more features than any similarly priced competitor product. WinTA Lite includes the T32xx clocking station (with a large graphical display), 50 smart cards, software and manuals. It is EU Working Time Directive compliant and multi-lingual.


Tensor announced its new low-cost Access Control system, Tensor Access, for delivery in December 2001. This record-breaking, feature-packed Access Control system is the companion product of WinTA Lite and enables existing WinTA Lite customers to extend their T&A system into an extensive and comprehensive Access Control system, using the same smart cards. Tensor Access can also be installed as a stand-alone system for those wanting the security and peace of mind of Access Control, but have only a limited budget.


Tensor launches a new range of Ethernet-based Time & Attendance and Access Control equipment. This allowed our customers to hook most of our products onto their PC networks, utilising their existing cable runs.

Tensor announced they had designed and developed the worlds first biometric Time and Attendance verification and Access Control systems. Reading the fingerprint of the ‘live’ tissue underneath the skin of a finger is real space-age technology – but in down-to-earth terms it means that irrefutable proof of a person’s identity is provided, meaning no more buddy clockings.


Tensor launched the T1582 fingerprint reader add-on for the T8440 clocking stations. During 2003, Tensor gained ISO9001 accreditation and became a British Security Industry Association member.


Tensor adds biometric technology to our visitor monitoring and prison visitor monitoring systems. This technology provided these systems with irrefutable proof of a visitors identity.

Tensor also launched the T4220 low-cost, PC based fingerprint login device, and the T4230 PCMCIA security unit for protecting data and access to laptop computers.


Tensor started its CCTV division. With nearly 20 years of experience in the security market, Tensor realised that many of our customers were looking for 'one-stop' solutions from single suppliers to provide integrated security systems.

Tensor initially used a number of suppliers for the supply of DVRs and digital CCTV cameras, but in recent years has now forged a very strong relationship with Panasonic as an integration partner and J2K who manufacture high-end, specialist software-based NVRs. Our CCTV systems have been installed in many blue-chip and high-end establishments across the UK and beyond.


Tensor’s scientists and engineers invent HeatingSave, the world's first off the shelf BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems). Until then a number of companies manufactured BMS (Building Management Systems), but Tensor was the first to take this one stage further to better manage energy and cut fuel bills.


Tensor launched its latest Tensor.NET product ranges. This was a major breakthrough for Tensor in that Tensor’s T8526 Door Controller became the only ACPO ‘Secured by Design’ licensed door controller commercially available. Tensor also designed and manufactured a new range of T&A terminals with full-colour screen, Li-Ion battery back up and many advanced features including evacuation reporting, on-screen self-service modules and 100 Meg Ethernet connection.

Another major breakthrough for Tensor.NET was the CCTV link directly into our Access Control systems. This fully integrated a number of CCTV Network Video Recorders (NVRs) into the Tensor.NET Access Control product suite. In addition, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) was integrated into the Tensor.NET product suite.

HeatingSave is accredited as an energy-saving producer by the UK government and puts it on the Energy Savings Technology list. HeatingSave is also accredited by the Carbon Trust and the Energy Savings Trust. Customers report energy savings of over 50% when using HeatingSave.


HeatingSave is CERT approved by the Government’s Ofgem.


Tensor launches the MCVS (Monitoring of Contractor and Visitor System) built on the Tensor.NET platform and offering an unmanned reception module. Tensor also designs the Pharos camera which is utilised as a rapid development self-powered camera with built-in DVR, manufactured to ballistics standards and advances our CCTV video analytics software with our partner company.


Tensor successfully integrates the HSCAN Hand Scanner Terminal series into the Tensor.NET platform.

HeatSave wireless [Zig 2.4 Mhz wireless mesh network] Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) launched. T3521 Linux based HeatingSave unit launched.


Tensor launches the Mobile Self-Service Module iPhone App, which allows remote workers to clock in and out with GPS data, book jobs or issue requests straight from their iPhones. Another major achievement is the addition of mass-facial recognition and NVR-based multiple Mega-pixel CCTV recording technologies to our range of CCTV solutions.

Additional HeatingSave wireless (Zig 2.4 Mhz wireless mesh network) sensors were launched for measuring temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels. New low-cost Zig 2.4 Mhz wireless mesh network based automatic meter reading sensors for gas, electricity and water. HeatingSave develops a Zig 2.4 Mhz wireless mesh network–based Building Performance Monitoring System for the BRE using the extensive monitoring capabilities found within the HeatingSave system.


Tensor successfully achieves the NSI NACOSS Gold Certification with respect to the Design, Installation and Maintenance of Electronic Security Systems, including Access Control, CCTV Systems and Intruder Alarms.

HeatingSave introduces HESM – Hall Energy & Security Management System – a complete turn-key system that replaces an existing heating time clock to provide Village Halls with an inexpensive all-in-one Energy Management, Room Booking and Security Access Control System. HeatingSave also launches the standalone HeatingSave Monitor – a wireless management system that collects internal and external temperature data, information on heating system use and energy consumption.


Tensor introduces an updated version of the Mobile Self Service Module – now offering full support for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices. Together with our partner company, Tensor introduces RDAPS – the UK’s first and only Secured by Design approved Rapid Deployment Asset Protection System – a self-contained, compact turnkey rapidly deployable surveillance solution.

HeatingSave introduces the World’s First BEMAM (Building Energy Management and Monitoring) System, delivering both extensive building performance monitoring capabilities and full control over a building’s heating system, lights and HVAC equipment.


Tensor introduces a new and improved Time and Attendance and Access Control reader, adding extra functionality. We have also successfully developed an integration module to link the Capita SIMS platform with Tensor.NET and added support for the ievo Biometric Fingerprint Readers. We are in the final stages of implementing updates that will extend the scope and functionality of our Mobile Self Service Module. Tensor Indonesia was established with our partner company, Tensor PT Security Indonesia, based in Jakarta.

HeatingSave Monitoring system selected for the Knauf Insulation Energy Performance Challenge – largest energy and environmental monitoring research project conducted in the UK – comprised 70+ houses and 2,728 HeatingSave sensors in total – Collected 3 billion transactions. HeatingSave engineers develop an improved method of automatically controlling CT/VT valves to maximize energy savings. Development of more Zig 2.4 GHz wireless sensors and new destratification fans, wired TRVs, carbon monoxide sensors and ionization smoke alarms.


Tensor redevelops Mobile Self-Service Module (SSM) app for the iOS and Android platforms delivering enhanced mobile clocking functionality with embedded employee location data.

Tensor launches the latest feature-rich, elegant and advanced smart card reader to date – the T17xx series. Compact (100mm x 46mm x 21.50mm), a very fast read time and supporting surface/glass mounting and multiple card formats (EM, HID Prox, MiFare and HID iClass™). The T17xx readers are designed specifically for installations where aesthetics are of paramount importance, but where security is vital.

Release of new facial recognition system within the Winta.NET security system, integrating the next-generation of Herta facial recognition software – the best facial recognition system in the world. Able to conduct 35 million comparisons per second, the new software also has an amazingly high level of accuracy and is even able to analyse the 8K resolutions generated by the most high-end CCTV surveillance cameras.

With partners EyeLynx and Zaun, Tensor launch a new security package comprising Access Control, CCTV, Turnstiles and Fencing aimed at making football stadia safer.

Tensor appoints an APAC Export Manager based in Singapore, Franco Pesci from YEM (Your Export Manager) to increase its presence across the Asia and Pacific region. Tensor, Tensor PT Security Indonesia and YEM exhibited for the first time at IFSEC Southeast Asia in Kuala Lumpur – a huge success, resulting in hundreds of meetings with end customers, system integrators and potential distributors in Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Myanmar and Singapore.

HeatingSave launches a new SmartPhone App, HSapp, for the iOS and Android platforms, enabling users to monitor and control HeatingSave and energy consumption as well as security and alerts whilst on the move.

HeatingSave CAD ('Consumer Access Device') was added to enable HeatingSave to get data from Smart Meters installed as part of the Governments roll-out program. New heating oil ordering/delivery module created to track/manage oil quotes, prices and deliveries and monitor real-life oil consumption and boiler efficiency.

Rounding up this outstanding year, Tensor won the Business of the Year 2017 and Innovation Awards at the 2017 Huntingdonshire Business Awards.


Tensor releases PortaFACE, the world’s first portable rapid deployment facial recognition system. Designed for use by police and security services, it simultaneously identifies people in crowded and changeable environments. Using GPU technology, it works with multiple high-resolution video streams that are processed for facial recognition using Tensor’s Command Console running our facial recognition software. PortaFACE is the perfect autonomous solution being able to be deployed within only a few minutes.

Launch of Self-Service Visitor Management mobile App (SSVM) for Android/iOS devices so that organisations can cut reception and back-office costs whilst improving the experience of customers, contractors and visitors and ensuring GDPR compliance. Organisations operating manned or unmanned receptions can use SSVM as it runs on any standard touchscreen-enabled device.

Tensor was awarded the Cyber Essentials accreditation as well as the Constructionline Gold (Level 3) Membership, proving Tensor’s commitment to customer data security.

Tensor facial recognition access control system selected for the Live Immersive Feature area at the Home Office Security and Policing Event 2018. The demonstration was a major success, proving to the world Tensor’s ability in security technology and innovation.

Tensor appoints new international distributor in Sri Lanka – HYnet Solution

HeatingSave upgraded to include Smart Card/PIN access control for barriers, gates and rooms using the HeatingSave Room Booking system. Finally, HeatingSave's new Intruder Management System using occupancy and other sensors to detect intruders and message a cascading list of people with real-time speech/email/text alerts to mobile phones.


Proving its ongoing commitment to health and safety and environmental protection, Tensor is awarded the 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management Accreditation and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System (EMS) Accreditation.

Following a competitive tender process, Tensor is appointed as one of only 19 official suppliers on the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) RM6089 Workplace Services Framework Agreement for Technical Security.

Tensor achieves Official Supplier status on the ESPO public sector Surveillance Equipment/Services Framework (No. 628_19) for the provision of both Private Space Surveillance Systems (Lot 2) and Access Control Systems (Lot 3).

A proud British manufacturer for over 30 years, Tensor joins the Made in Britain initiative – a not-for-profit organisation that champions British manufacturing under a single marque. The marque represents a standard of quality and unity for the British manufacturing sector within the UK and around the world.

Tensor expand international presence – appoints PVA Group as official distributors in Vietnam.

Tensor demonstrates full integration of our MCVS Visitor Management system with Tensor’s Access Control system and QR codes with the assistance of Singapore-based turnstile manufacturer ZoomTech.

Tensor achieves a new software development milestone with the launch of the Tensor.NET Version 3.8.0.x., available across the entire range of software products.

Tensor partners with Wavestore for the integration of advanced video management solutions.

Tensor demonstrates new facial recognition solutions and contactless fingerprint biometric solutions at ISE 2019.


Following the emergence of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, Tensor swiftly implements a series of measures to help us protect both customers and staff. Tensor is a part of the essential supply network for multiple key worker industries, and, as such, remains open and fully operational, continuing to assist and serve our customers and provide vital support for these businesses in fulfilling their mission-critical works related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tensor launches the Covid Secure initiative and associated marque. Under the Covid Secure initiative, relevant products and systems supplied by Tensor are internally assessed by an expert panel in order to ensure that they help minimize the risk of contamination with COVID-19 in the workplace. Products that meet the initiative’s stringent assessment criteria (contactless, touch-free operation, ease of use, etc.) will display the associated marque in all future marketing materials and brochures, for immediate identification and reassurance.

As part of our efforts to assist customers in preventing the spread of Coronavirus on their premises, Tensor develops the “Pandemic Software Modifications in Tensor.NET”. These include a Track and Trace reporting system, Employee’s Pandemic State records and an option to prevent staff who have tested positive for COVID-19 from accessing the site.

Tensor successfully integrates the Suprema FaceStation2 Facial Recognition Terminals with Temperature Detection into the Tensor.NET platform. This integration enables companies to conduct rapid, contactless preliminary temperature screenings at site entry points generates alerts when detecting elevated body temperatures, uses advanced facial recognition technology to accurately and securely control site access and provides enhanced security with 1 or 2-factor authentication options.

Tensor adds Contactless Exit Buttons and Long-Range Access Control RF readers/credentials to our Access Control lineup.

Tensor achieves a new software development milestone with the launch of the Tensor.NET Version 4.4.0.x., available across the entire range of software products.

Tensor develops new contactless functionality for Self-Service Visitor Management (SSVM) app using QR codes and the new SSVM Online feature.

New features added in Tensor Fire Roll Call (Tensor FRC) and Tensor SSM (Self-Service Module) apps to improve performance.

Tensor expand international presence – appoints Tensor Ghana as the official distributor in Ghana.

Tensor becomes an approved member of Builder’s Profile, the open-access Common Database service providing compliance and PQQ information to the construction industry.


October: New website launch

As part of Tensor’s digital revamp in 2021, we launched a brand new website to enhance usability, site-speed and our overall brand image.


March: HeatingSave partners with Don Hanson Charitable Foundation

HeatingSave partnered with The Don Hanson Charitable Foundation to be a part of their Smart Energy Program. The Foundation is developing the program to help worthy causes make their heating more efficient, resulting in direct fuel bill savings for them.

April: HeatingSave awarded onto £3bn NHS Framework

Tensor becomes the only Building Management System manufacturer in the UK to be awarded onto the NHS Framework for Building Management Systems for its HeatingSave BMS.

June: Leasing Scheme announced

Tensor announced its extended partnership with Propel Finance enabling even more SME’s to access the finance they need to purchase new technologies from one of the UK’s largest independent business finance houses. The scheme is available for both new and existing customers looking to upgrade their system.

September: International Security Expo 2022

Tensor exhibited at the International Security Expo 2022 on the 27th & 28th of September at Olympia, London. This was our first security event since COVID hit the UK in March 2020.

Today, Tensor is a leading British smart card designer and manufacturer of terminals. Our Tensor.NET product is one of the most comprehensive software packages for combined time and attendance, access control and personnel management. Tensor.NET is used by many of Europe’s leading companies and is one of the most advanced systems to handle the EU Working Time Directive Legislation.

Tensor plc continues to be a financially strong company, currently employing over 100 people, with its headquarters operating from its own 1,120m² (12,000 sq. ft.) purpose-built facility attached to a magnificent old country house standing in 6 acres of grounds at Hail Weston in Cambridgeshire. Tensor operates from several other facilities across the UK, including our secondary site (Hail Weston Springs), 1 mile away from our HQ which houses our production, software development and operations departments, and our telesales, training and engineering support services centre in St. Helens, Merseyside.

With Tensor’s research and design activities remaining a top priority, this will maintain Tensor’s position as a market leader in the security equipment sector for years to come.

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