Fire Roll Call (FRC) App

fire roll call

Fire roll call systems

Streamline how your businesses handle emergency scenarios such as fire drills - no more paper rotas or disorganisation. Tensor’s Fire Roll Call app, along with our time and attendance systems, have been designed to ensure that all personnel are accounted for in the palm of your fire warden’s hand.

Modern technology

This app configures compatible Android and iOS touchscreen devices to work as an electronic, portable fire roll call register for emergency evacuations. The app provides real-time information on people’s location on-site and their safety status. It intended to replace the checking of a paper-based register of on-site personnel and to ensure that all members of staff and/or visitors are accounted for.

When a person is identified as being in a safe location, such as their fire assembly point, they can be marked as accounted for using the app.

fire roll call
fire roll call

Versatile and streamlined

Fire marshals can use the FRC to check whether employees have booked themselves on/off-site and mark them as accounted for upon visual confirmation of their safety status. Should any employees and/or visitors remain unaccounted for, they can be contacted straight from their profiles stored on the app.

Working in conjunction with the Tensor SSM (Self-Service Module), the Fire Roll Call app helps ensure your staff and visitors’ safety in case of any emergency evacuation. Let us help you ensure your business is prepared.

fire roll call

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Key features and information

Provides real-time information on people’s location on-site and their safety status

Replaces paper-based registers of on-site personnel

Streamlines the employee/visitor emergency evacuation process

Personnel can be immediately contacted by phonecall or email straight from the app to ascertain their safety status

Displays a list of employees, within a selected fire point, who are accounted for

Displays a list of employees who have booked off site within a configurable time period

App users can mark a person as accounted for directly from the app

Full contact details, including name, telephone numbers, photo and the time and status of the last site booking are available for each person on or off-site

The resident site and the department is displayed for employees

Visitor company and appointment host details are shown for visitors

Lists of on or off-site personnel can be filtered by type (i.e. employee, visitor, contractor, or visiting employee)

On or off-site personnel can be searched for by all or part of their surname

Fire marshals can browse the personnel allocated to any fire point available within their user’s assigned site




Tap the search icon to quickly search for a person by name. A search box is revealed, and you can type in all or part of a person’s surname. The unaccounted-for list is then re-displayed filtered with matching entries. Only surnames are filtered, starting from the first letter of the surname.

List Filtering

The list of personnel in both the unaccounted for and accounted for tabs can be filtered by tapping on the filter icon. The filter page consists of two sections, 'Filter By' and 'Booked Off Period'.

Filter By

The 'Filter By' section lists the four available person types. Tick or untick any combination of types and then tap save to filter the lists of on and off-site personnel accordingly.

Booked Off Period

Personnel appearing in the booked off list can be limited by the amount of time that has elapsed since the person left the site. Tap on the link indicated to the right and select a period ranging from 15 minutes to 23 hours.

List Refresh

Both lists of on and off-site personnel may be updated by refreshing the app’s page. This can be done by tapping the refresh icon provided in the fire point title row. The displayed information can also be refreshed, when at the top of the page, by dragging the page down and then releasing it.

Download our fire roll call brochure

fire roll call case study

Case study: Thomas Swan

With the move in 1999, Thomas Swan looked for an integrated, computerised access control and fire roll call system for the new factory. They wanted to bolster security to ensure that no unauthorised person could enter the building. Additionally, they also wanted an easy way to account for all employees and visitors on site.

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The Tensor Fire Roll Call App works on all devices, and works as an electronic register, providing real-time information for emergency evacuations. Book a demo today.

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