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Enforcing construction and building site security is among the most difficult tasks any site manager has to undertake. Since expensive equipment, tools and materials are more often than not left unattended on building sites, these make for the perfect opportunity for thieves and vandals. Furthermore, failing to properly secure one's building site could also but also make it a hazardous danger zone for unsuspecting children.

The range of construction site security systems supplied by Tensor is easy to deploy, secure, user friendly and install within a matter of hours. Our advanced solutions help you protect and monitor your entire site on a 24/7 basis, while also ensuring that only workers and contractors holding a relevant CSCS card are allowed access.

Tensor will also help you cut your operational costs. Our Rapid Deployment Asset Protection System (RDAPS) represents a more secure and cost-effective alternative to manned guards, while also enabling you to cut your insurance premiums due to our NSI NACOSS Gold accreditation.

1: CSCS smartcard for time, attendance and access control

Tensor has an IT partner status with the CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme), the leading skills certification scheme within the UK construction industry.

CSCS cards provide proof that individuals working on construction sites have the required training and qualifications for the type of work they carry out and the scheme keeps a database of people working in construction who have achieved or are committed to achieving a recognised construction related qualification.

Most principal contractors and major house builders require construction workers on their sites to hold a valid CSCS card.

As part of our partnership with the CSCS, Tensor has developed the .NET suite of products to allow seamless integration between the CSCS smartcard and our access control, time management, visitor/contractor management and fire/evacuation roll-call systems, including turnstiles and biometric verification devices (facial recognition, hand scanning and fingerprint recognition).

Within the WinAC.NET software, there is a CSCS card wizard that allows system users to quickly grant contractors access to their access control system. The wizard supports multiple scenarios and will quickly guide the user through the enrolment procedure.

After the enrolment procedure has been completed, professionals who hold a CSCS card can use their existing card to gain access to a construction site or similar, including through turnstiles or car park barriers.

2: Rapid Deployment Asset Protection System (RDAPS)

The Tensor Rapid Deployment Asset Protection System (RDAPS) is an innovative, fully integrated, self-contained, compact, turnkey and rapidly deployable mobile surveillance solution proven to both prevent crime and facilitate prosecution whenever a crime occurs.

Tensor is the first and only British manufacturer of Rapid Deployment Asset Protection Systems to be awarded the internationally recognised Secured by Design accreditation: the Association of Chief Police Officers’ initiative to ‘design out crime’.

Only reputable companies who've undergone strict screening by ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) and whose security product has passed stringent testing to the latest standards may be registered as Secured by Design.

Rapid deployment asset protection system (RDAPS) - the ideal constructions site remote CCTV surveillance and security system

  • Provides an effective means of securing/monitoring assets in remote locations
  • Powerful visual deterrent (blue light at top of the mast at night time; the red glow from integrated IR lighting, etc.)
  • Motion detection with security lighting available
  • Real-time command/control, 2-way communications and lighting prevent crime from occurring via an alarm receiving centre operator interaction
  • All monitoring conducted by NSI NACOSS Gold alarm receiving centres with relevant British standards in place
  • Minimal/zero maintenance or input from asset owner with automatic alarms for service interruption or warnings
  • Extremely robust design and quality of build offer excellent protection against attack
  • Easy to deploy, relocate or remove - ideal as a temporary CCTV security solution
  • Versatile deployment options: mains, combinations of mains/renewable or total renewable power options available
  • Uses state of the art technologies and wireless communications
  • Uses true HD (1080p) footage for evidential purposes
  • HD footage is saved on the NVR located securely at the top of the mast, even in the case of power failure
  • Advanced video analytics with Video Content Analysis (VCA) technology
  • Cost-effective solution for asset-owners: saves the expense of paying security guards to observe the area without unnecessarily putting guards at risk
  • A secure alternative to manned guards – no danger of personnel being threatened or assaulted to grant access to a particular site
  • Helps you cut your insurance premiums due to Tensor's NSI NACOSS Gold accreditation

3: Gates, barriers and turnstiles

Tensor has over 30 years of experience in providing high quality, cost-effective and reliable physical access control to customers across the globe. Our extensive range of full/waist height turnstiles and speed gates provide flexibility and ease of use without compromising security or safety on construction sites of any size and scope.

All our physical security products are designed to work seamlessly with our smart cards, biometric face recognition, biometric finger/palm reading and traditional ticketing systems all whilst providing safe, fast, user-friendly throughput.

Capable of operating as stand-alone equipment or part of a security network, our range of barriers and turnstiles are virtually 100% corrosion-free and designed to last the test of time. They allow users to create a fully integrated time, attendance and access control system powerful and versatile enough to cope with the demands of today’s security climate.

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