WinMCVS.NET: Monitoring of Contractors & Visitors System

The Tensor Monitoring of Contractors and Visitors System (WinMCVS.NET) is a network-based application that allows you to advance book visitor appointments and pre-book on-site contractors. These bookings can be made either via the PC based Tensor.NET application or a user’s Internet browser.

Appointment Management

Directly after an appointment is booked, notification emails are sent to both the visitor and their host informing them of the appointment’s date, time and location. When visitors are checked in on arrival, they are presented with their visitor pass, based upon a badge template created by Tensor.NET’s pass designer. A further email informs the appointment host of their arrival.

WinMCVS.NET will handle both single and multi-day appointments with one or more attendees. All appointments can be viewed in a graphical diary using daily, weekly and monthly calendar views. Configurable timings allow the diary to show visitor appointments as pending, late or missed. Visit status is automatically refreshed at a user-defined interval.

The system updates a database of visitor information as appointments are booked and visitors arrive. Personal visitor details, visitor company information, images and scanned documents are all recorded by the system for later retrieval.

Appointment information stored in WinMCVS.NET can be output using reports generated by the system’s report designer. Three types of report templates are available, allowing the system to report upon the dates and attendees of appointments, the recorded arrival and departure times of visitors and the information stored against specific visitors or visitor companies.

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WinMCVS.NET Monitoring of Contractors & Visitors System - Key Features

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Appointment Planner Within Tensor's SSM (Self-Service Module)

Users of Tensor’s Self-Service Module (SSM) are able to book visitor appointments through the online appointment planner. Depending upon their security profile, SSM users can view and make appointments for themselves or colleagues. SSM users can also create a new visitor and visitor company entries, view their own appointments, view all appointments at their site or view all appointments for their organisation.

MCVS Standalone Console (Unmanned Reception)

Visitors arriving at an unmanned reception can be checked in by the MCVS Standalone Console. A filtered search list allows a visitor to quickly select their appointment via the console’s touch screen. Alternatively, contractors can scan their bar-coded passes at a barcode scanner attached to the console to book themselves on site. The visitor’s pass is then automatically printed while an email is sent to the employee hosting the appointment. The Standalone Console also includes the facility to manually print fire roll call reports.

Access Control Integration

The WinMCVS.NET module can be integrated with the Tensor.NET Access Control application. In this way when visitors and contractors arrive they are handed a smart card along with their identification pass. The smart card will grant them access through doors according to the security rules assigned to them on arrival. Furthermore, security settings are available to require authorised cardholders to escort visitors. The authorised escort must scan their card to validate the visitor’s card before access is granted.

WinMCVS.NET Module in Tensor.NET - Available Features by Edition





Pass Printing – visitor passes can be pre-printed before the day of arrival to facilitate the reception process

Fire Roll Call Reporting – visitors are automatically included on the system’s roll call report when they are checked in and removed when they leave the site

ANPR Integration – visitors arriving on-site with a known vehicle registration number are granted access when MCVS is used in conjunction with the Tensor.NET ANPR module

Bar-Coded Passes – long term visitors can be issued passes with bar-coded appointment details. These passes can then automatically book visitors on and off-site when scanned

Pass Expiry – passes are valid until their expiry date. Passes scanned after their expiry pass are rejected

Welfare Checks – notifications can be periodically sent to named individuals to remind them to contact lone contractors at regular intervals

Visitor Escorts – at check in, visitors can be assigned access rules that require their host to scan their card before a visitor is able to gain access to an area

Archiving – an automatic archive process periodically archives and removes past appointment and visitor details from the system’s live database

WinMCVS.NET Edition









Single company




Single company

Single site


System Support & Requirements


  • Help is provided within the application, via an online support website or by telephone to our Helpdesk
  • Installation support and training


  • WinMCVS.NET software

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