CSCS Card Wizard

cscs smart card

CSCS smart cards

Streamline your business operations and combine the use of CSCS cards with our range of systems. Identification, access and employee workforce management all in one card and system.

CSCS time and attendance

Tensor has an IT partner status with the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS). We have developed our .NET suite of products to allow seamless integration between the CSCS smartcard and our access control, time management, visitor/contractor management and fire/evacuation roll-call systems, including turnstiles and biometric verification devices (facial recognition, hand scanning and fingerprint recognition).

The integration allows a 'one card fits all' philosophy where contractors who attend CSCS sites use their existing CSCS smartcard to not only identify them as a CSCS certified tradesman but also to clock in/out of site for presence monitoring, grant access to the site and log them on and off the evacuation roll-call which is automatically printed when an alarm is triggered.

cscs smart card
cscs smart card

CSCS access control

Construction workers and other people who hold an existing CSCS card can use it to clock onto a Tensor time and attendance system and/or gain access to a construction site or building, and through connected turnstiles or car park barriers.

Within Tensor.NET there is a CSCS card wizard. This allows system users to quickly grant contractors access to their clocks and access control system. The wizard will handle three different scenarios when granting access rights to contractors. These are:

  • Contractors who are not known to the system at all
  • Contractors who have had their name details imported but their CSCS card has not been recorded
  • Contractors who are known to the system and have used their card at other sites but are new to this site

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CSCS site visitor card solutions

For each different scenario, the wizard will guide the user through the enrolment procedure. In general terms though, the result of using the wizard is that:

  • The Contractors CSCS card is read using a USB card reader attached to a Tensor.NET client PC
  • Details are extracted from the card to update the contractors 'employee' details within the system
  • System objects such as a company, site, shift group and department, are assigned to the cardholder, either through selection or by default
cscs smart card

Templates for badges can be previewed by the user to see how their badge will appear within the ID Badge Designer module, populating it with their details. Previewed badges can then be printed to any windows supported card printer.

Additional features include:

  • Design any number of badge templates
  • Templates can be single or double-sided
  • Templates can be in landscape or portrait format
  • Templates can include text, images and barcodes
  • Individual badges can be previewed before printing

Construction site security

Not only can we assist with your clocking systems, but we can help reduce theft, prevent the access of unauthorised personnel and monitor premises in real-time with our construction site security systems. Create one all-encompassing system with Tensor.

Construction Site Security

Our IT partner status with the CSCS allows us to provide CSCS site visitor cards to work with our access control software. Enquire today and streamline your operations.

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