Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)


Powerful ANPR systems and solutions

Automatic number plate recognition is a highly accurate system that uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to precisely identify information on a number plate and can be integrated with your company’s access control system.

Our ANPR systems are the ideal solution for your tolling and vehicle tracking needs, and for speed and traffic light enforcement. Our range can work up to 25 metres away with a max speed detection of 250km/h.

Streamline vehicle and traffic security

After identification, our ANPR systems can log the date, time and location of the vehicle and carry out actions based on the data. These systems can save the information for later retrieval, or enhance premises access control by opening gates or issuing alerts for blacklisted plates.

While ANPR is commonly associated with law enforcement use such as identifying speeding offences and spotting stolen vehicles, the system has many applications designed for business security and private use.


Keeping you and your business safe

Installing an ANPR CCTV system in a car park enables organisations to ascertain that only authorised cars can enter their premises. This can be easily achieved by connecting the ANPR to a pre-existing access control database of permitted plates and then installing ANPR-linked cameras and barriers into the car park. The barriers will not lift for an unauthorised vehicle, and a security person can investigate via intercom or in person.

ANPR combined with barriers is also an excellent way to streamline entrance to any car park, even a public car park, as they can speed up the payment or visitor management/time and attendance process exponentially.

Our premier ANPR product range


Basic ANPR


Smart ANPR


ANPR Mobile

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Key features within our range

Our ANPR hardware has a scalable architecture to keep up with increasing workloads and growth.

  • Modular design approach ensures the hardware is able to support a variety of processors, enabling future CPU upgrades and improvements
  • Modular platform is designed to use multiple sensors in order to perform well in the most challenging scenarios
  • Compatible with different FPGA modules and ensures high-speed image processing even in harsh environments
  • Use of FPGA grants a huge processing capability for real-time image processing and ANPR analysis
  • Ultra-fast SSD storage ranging from 128GB up to 1TB
  • Vandal-proof, waterproof, with non-reflective plates
  • Devices can detect and read non-reflective licence plates, without any external illumination
  • Extra sensitive sensor mounted on Smart 2HDs context camera ensures quality images in low light conditions (from 25 Lux)

Embedded multi-core processors

Scalable devices

LTE and GPS modules available

IP68 protection grade

Extended temperature range (-40°C to 55°C)

Feel free to contact us for the technical specifications of our smart card readers.

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Tensor’s ANPR software

The Tensor ANPR software is at the cutting edge of vehicle identification technology. Combined with our CCTV surveillance, it’s highly scalable and can perform different tasks depending on your specific requirements. Features include:

  • Linux OS
  • Linux platform enables third-party algorithms to be embedded directly
  • Camera software supports remote upgrades; updates automatically
  • Standardised interface allows future system upgrades without significant reworks
  • Plug-and-play interfaces make the new hardware fully compatible with Tensor’s previous ANPR cameras
  • Proprietary optical character recognition/reader (OCR) software
  • SDK available for easy integration
  • Auto-iris software to adjust camera image acquisition depending on external light conditions
  • Proprietary app for remote configuration
  • Optional app-like software available to enhance device performance
anpr software
anpr software
NSI Gold

Approved services and NSI Certificate of Approval for Access Control and CCTV Systems

NSI certificate of Approval

Tensor’s ANPR systems are ideal for businesses in need of integrated CCTV and security solutions. For access control services, enquire today.

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