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Inefficient Office Practices

British employees are wasting up to 640 hours – that is 80 working days every year – as a result of inefficient office practices. New research suggests that the average office worker is losing nearly three hours (160 minutes) of potentially productive time every day. According to the research, the number one time wasting culprit is technology, with slow personal computers (PCs), computers crashing and print jams causing the average British employee to waste up to 48 mins each day. Office-based employees also cited that dealing with colleagues can be a time drain, with the average employee wasting 34 minutes on this every day. This is closely followed by time spent dealing with unnecessary phone and conference calls (26 minutes per day) and attending unnecessary meetings (23 minutes per day). It is true that no office can ever be 100% efficient, but it’s ironic that so much time is being wasted on the very devices that we trust to streamline office processes. Whilst we all accept that the phone and PC have a vital role to play in making the office more efficient, it would seem that office workers believe they can also complicate life – 55% of office-based employees believe technology can create extra work and just over half (53%) disagree that office processes are now simpler than 10 years ago. Furthermore, 73% of those interviewed cited unnecessary emails and 88% unnecessary telephone calls as frustrating. In fact, the barrage of unwanted communication has become so bad that nearly one quarter (23%) of office workers interviewed are considering a career change to a new non office-based job. Despite this general antipathy towards technology however, 90% of office workers surveyed agree that automated systems which only need to be set up once – such as efficient time and attendance clocking machines – help to run their lives effectively. With a high proportion of British full-time employees working long hours, psychologists believe that British businesses may be able to cut down on working hours by addressing such inefficiencies. Top office time wasters in every day office life: Slow PC /PC crashing and general technological failures/errors and print jams (48 mins) Time wasted dealing with colleagues (34 mins) Unnecessary phone /conference calls (26 mins) Unnecessary meetings (23 mins) Sifting through unnecessary e-mails (16 mins) Searching for files / info that hasn’t been filed in the right place (13 mins)

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Tensor supports PC’s for schools in Africa

Tensor is supporting a project by Nazir Jessa, Chairman of Watford Electronics Ltd., to donate any out-of-date PC systems to schools in Africa, mainly in Tanzania and Kenya. Nazir needs to collect a sufficient quantity of half-reasonable systems (unfortunately, PC’s beyond repair or 386’s will not be of much use) to fill five 20 feet containers. As an extra incentive for business, the donation of old PC’s will take away their costly responsibility under the EU Disposal of Electronic Waste directive and at the same time help African children with their school work. His Excellency Hassan Gumbo Kibelloh, the Tanzanian High Commissioner in the UK, has made a special plea to UK businesses, impressing the grave situation facing schools in Tanzania due to an acute shortage of Text books and PC’s. He has explained that the Internet is the only way of downloading information that text books would normally provide; but without computers this is impossible. He has given an undertaking that any containers loaded with second-hand PC’s arriving at the port of Daressalaam will be given "Special Clearance" without any hindrance from the tax collectors. All transportation costs of the containers to Africa will be paid for by Watford Electronics Ltd. Nazir has received assurances from friends and colleagues in Tanzania and Kenya that once the goods are off loaded, that they will assist in refurbishing the machines and the hard drives at no cost to the schools. Computers will be distributed to various schools in Tanzania that have mains electricity "on tap" as a gift from private businesses of the UK. Tensor will be donating PC’s and is also asking any other UK businesses with surplus PC’s to do likewise. The procedure is simple, · Email Nazir Jessa at of your intentions · Arrange delivery of the PC’s to Watford town (only 10 minutes drive from M1 Junction 5), which will be used as a collection point in the first instance.If you wish to deliver five or less systems, then you can deliver the PC’s to Watford Electronics Ltd. in Luton Once the PC’s are in place, Nazir will have photos of the happy faces of the children on a Website for you all to see. If any of the donating companies would like to visit the recipient schools to see their ‘donation at work’, then they will be most welcome.

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Partnering Deal With Sanderson’s Announced

Sanderson, the leading UK-owned management software provider, has announced a partnership agreement with Tensor plc for the supply of Smart Card based Time & Attendance and Access Control systems to their customers. The collaboration deal provides enhanced Time & Attendance capabilities for users of Sanderson’s Unity and Formul8 software management systems. The agreement also includes the supply of Tensor’s sub-dermal fingerprint reading biometric equipment and software which is particularly effective in security focused environments, such as the MOD, printing, private document management, food processing, nuclear and defence. Tensor has also included extra software features that help Sanderson’s customers to easily meet the requirements of the EEC Working Time Directive, including keeping track of the number of hours an employee should legally work and ensuring that shift breaks and rest periods are taken within the specified guidelines. Commenting on the partnership, Peter Beer, General Manager, Sanderson, said: A major part of Sanderson’s corporate strategy is to work closely with other software vendors. This enables us to provide customers with additional and innovative functionality by taking advantage of the best technology available. The collaboration between Sanderson and Tensor will provide Sanderson customers with the latest in Employee Attendance recording, which combined with Unity and Formul8’s payroll and other employee related modules provides one of the most complete and accurate human resources support systems around.

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