Contactless Exit Buttons

Contactless access control & touch-free entry

contactless exit buttons

The Tensor S-1-EXITIR Contactless Exit Buttons are the perfect hygienic access control exit solution for all the locations where a no-touch functionality is required.

The infrared detection system within the S-1-EXITIR contactless exit button allows users to activate the switch with just a hand being in close proximity, without needing to make contact with the device. This is ideal for sterile environments, but also for general high traffic areas such as hospitals, public buildings and schools/colleges that pose an increased level of germ infection risk.

The surface-mounted S-1-EXITIR features an easy-to-clean, single gang stainless steel back-plate and an illuminated red and green changing LED. and allows users to modify the door open period, as well as the proximity range per their specific requirements.

Complete contactless door access control solution

The S-1-EXITIR contactless exit button can be easily paired with Tensor’s Smart Card Readers and automatic door drives to create a complete 'contactless' door access control solution capable of increasing safety and comfort of use within your building. By ensuring that employees don’t have to touch any surfaces on their way in and out of their workplaces, organisations can ensure a higher level of hygiene and reduce the risk of infection with COVID-19 and/or other dangerous viruses or bacteria.

S-1-EXITIR Contactless Exit Buttons – Key Features

  • Infrared, contactless, no-touch button
  • Surface mount
  • Illuminated red and green changing LED
  • Single gang stainless steel backplate
  • Adjustable proximity range
  • Adjustable door opening time
  • Adjustable LED colour change
  • 12/24Vdc
  • COM/NO/NC relay contacts
  • Single pole double throw
  • Unobtrusive design: 85mm x 85mm x 40mm
  • IP65 (sensor unit only)

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NSI Gold

Approved services and NSI Certificate of Approval for Access Control and CCTV Systems

NSI certificate of Approval

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