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biometric access control

Fingerprint access control systems and smart card readers

The Tensor biometric fingerprint access control readers are compact fingerprint and smart card-activated access control devices featuring Suprema’s next-generation biometric technology and security platform. Secure your site with the next generation of advanced security technology.

Designed for either indoor (T3464) or outdoor (T3464x) use, these biometric fingerprint readers are designed to meet the requirements of those who want the assurance that only the right people can gain access to sensitive or dangerous areas on their sites. The T34xx series of biometric fingerprint readers allow you to mix fingerprint reading and non-fingerprint reading scanners on the same security network. They also feature built-in card readers for enhanced security via 2-factor authentication.

T3464: Fingerprint access control readers for indoor use

The T3464 (Suprema BioEntry P2) is a compact fingerprint access control device featuring Suprema’s advanced security platform.

It provides class-leading performance and security by featuring Suprema’s latest fingerprint algorithm coupled with a powerful 1.0GHz CPU. The T3464 also provides added flexibility in system design by featuring multi-card reading with dual-frequency RFID card technology. This reader enhances the user experience by offering very high matching speeds, a high-precision OP6 optical sensor and the latest Suprema fingerprint algorithm.

Featuring a mullion-type sleek and elegant design with a 50mm width, the biometric access control readers from Tensor perfectly fit in in narrow spaces and door frames.

biometric access control

Key features

  • Compact, sleek and elegant design
  • 50mm width, fits in in narrow spaces and door frames
  • Latest fingerprint identification algorithm
  • Fast matching: Max 10,000 match/sec
  • Powerful 1.0GHz CPU
  • High-precision OP6 optical sensor
  • Built-in dual-frequency, multi-smart card reader
    • LF(125kHz) and HF (13.56MHz) RFID including all RFID card standards that HID multiCLASS readers support
  • Versatile interfaces (TCP/IP, RS-485, Wiegand)

Download our indoor fingerprint access control brochure

“For access control, it ticks all the boxes: setting the levels, mandating how and when people can come into the building, it solved all our issues. Tensor did that, and continues to do that for us.”

— Steven Chater, Property Manager, Shoe Zone

T3464x: Fingerprint access control readers for outdoor use

The T3464x (Suprema BioEntry W2) is a rugged fingerprint access control device featuring Suprema’s next-generation biometric technology.

Coupled with powerful quad-core CPU and LFD (live finger detection) technology, the device also provides added flexibility in system design featuring multi-card support with dual-frequency RFID technology. Packed in a rugged IP67/IK09 housing with a sleek metal finish, the T3464x is a perfect access control solution for tough environments and outdoor installation.

Key features

  • Rugged, robust, vandal-resistant housing with IP67 ingress protection
  • Latest fingerprint identification algorithm
  • Live finger detection technology with dual light source imaging
  • Fast matching: 1:150,000 matches per second
  • Powerful 1.2GHz CPU
  • Built-in dual-frequency, multi-smart card reader
    • LF (125kHz) and HF (13.56MHz) RFID including all RFID card standards that HID multiCLASS readers support
  • Versatile interfaces (TCP/IP, RS-485, Wiegand)
  • Supports a seamless power sourcing over Ethernet cable (CAT5/6)
biometric access control

Additional features

Download our outdoor fingerprint access control brochure

Advantages of fingerprint access control systems

Using a biometric fingerprint reader helps improve the overall security of your site. As everyone has a unique fingerprint, replicating this type of credential is very difficult.

Identification using biometric readers also helps establish a solid audit trail to help create accountability. Every action or transaction will be recorded and this is documented to reduce the possibility of misuse or fraud.

Biometric fingerprint technology can also help cut costs such as the issuance of ID cards, and replacing lost or damaged cards.

Want to know more?

New to biometrics? We have compiled a comprehensive guide detailing how these access control systems work.

What is Biometric Access Control?

what is biometric access control
biometric access control case study

Case study: Shoe Zone

The first time Shoe Zone installed Tensor’s time, attendance and access control systems were back in 2005. A staple of the highstreets for over 100 years, Shoe Zone has over 400 stores in different towns and cities throughout the UK. Their head office, situated in Leicester, employs 300 people and is looked after by property manager, Steven Chater. Our reporter recently caught up with Steven to share his experiences with the Tensor systems.

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System configuration

Below is a design featuring a typical configuration of our system. However, alternations and customisations can be made based on your requirements.

biometric access control system configuration
ievo biometric access control

ievo Biometric Fingerprint Readers

We also supply a range of ievo biometric readers for businesses including the Ultimate Fingerprint Reader, Micro Indoor and Desktop Reader.

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For an even more advanced access control system, our facial recognition technology could be the perfect solution for your business

Facial Recognition Access Control

NSI Gold

Approved services and NSI Certificate of Approval for Access Control and CCTV Systems

NSI certificate of Approval

Tensor specialises in biometric access control systems and fingerprint access control to ensure your business has the security it needs. Get in touch with our team today and streamline your workforce management.

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