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Welcome to Tensor plc, a leading provider of biometric access control systems in the UK. Our state-of-the-art technology uses biometrics, such as fingerprints or facial recognition, to provide secure and efficient access control for businesses of all sizes.

Our biometric access control solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of your organisation. From standalone devices to integrated software systems, we offer a wide range of options to choose from. Our biometric access control systems provide increased security by ensuring that only authorised personnel can gain access to restricted areas.

Our biometric access control devices are easy to use, and are designed to save time for both employees and managers. The biometric technology eliminates the need for ID cards or passwords, making the process of accessing restricted areas as simple as possible.

Biometric Access Control System

A Biometric Access Control System is an Access Control Solution that matches a person’s biometric features, such as facial features, fingerprints or handprints, from a digital image against a database of biometric readings. Biometric Access Systems provide an extremely accurate identification of an individual, which then leads to access being granted or denied depending on the face or fingerprint reading. While providing users with the toughest security system on the market, it also comes with very high matching speeds.

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Biometric Access Control Solutions

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Biometric Access Control Software

Fingerprint Access Control

How it works:

Fingerprint Access Control works using Fingerprint Scanners to record an individual’s fingerprint, which is then compared to the biological readings stored on an Access Control database which then grants or denies access through a door, barrier or gate.


  • Enhanced Security - security levels are drastically higher than using regular keys, smart cards or pin codes. Fingerprints cannot be shared, lost or stolen.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve - using a Biometric Security Solution is the future of business security as technology is continuously evolving.
  • Simple & Easy-to-use - users will experience a much easier and less time consuming way of getting into a building and going through internal doors.
  • Non-transferable - biological readings cannot be shared between employees, meaning the actual individual must be present when gaining access to a room.
  • High Accountability - should a security issue occur in the workplace, fingerprint access control acts as evidence which ultimately increases accountability.
  • Cost-Effective Security Solution - post-installation, businesses can benefit from a high level of accuracy and no further costs such as replacement smart cards.
Fingerprint Access Control

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Facial Recognition Access Control

Facial Recognition Access Control

How it works:

Access Control through Facial Recognition uses AI technology to identify a person by scanning and measuring their individual facial features. Facial Recognition Access Control uses algorithms designed to detect features of a person’s face, including the distance between the forehead and chin, the depth of each eye socket, the width and shape of the nose, as well as the length of a person's jaw.


  • Become More Covid Compliant - if implemented, a Facial Recognition Access Control System will go a long way to allowing employees to feel safe at work due to using a contactless access system.
  • Improved Security - much like Fingerprint Access Control, Face Recognition is a level above other regular Access Control Systems.
  • Accurate Audit Trail - track both visitors and employees. This is a vital security feature in the event of an emergency or even a theft.
  • Streamlined Access Process - accessing a building or access controlled doors within a building is straightforward, fast and keyless for people with the correct credentials.
  • Cost-Effective Access Solution - once installed, users will have a highly-secure, durable and self-running Access Control System.

Download Our Facial Recognition Access Control Brochure

Biometric Hand Scanner

How it works:

Biometric Hand Scanners work by identifying individuals by the unique size of their hands in under one second. Once identified, the Hand Scanner will grant or deny access to that person depending on whether their hand was a match on the Access Control database.


  • Easy Identification - users must simply place their hand between the finger pins for automatic identification by the Hand Scanner.
  • Complete Accuracy - images of the hand collected by the Access Control database are not affected by elements of the skin, including dirt, rings, cuts, and scars.
  • High Level of Security - hand geometry recognition is extremely difficult to fool as it would require creating a complete 3D mock-up of a hand.
Biometric Hand Scanner
Access Control Software

WinAC.NET: Access Control Software

How it works:

Tensor’s Access Control Software, known as WinAC.NET, is the glue that holds every access control system together. It’s an extremely powerful Access Control Software designed to enhance security measures for businesses and buildings.


  • Enhanced Security - businesses will have an extra layer of building security, with an easy-to-use access control software at the heart of it.
  • Control Entire Building - control alarms, break glass buttons, door locks, electro-magnetic door locks, fingerprint readers, facial recognition, and CCTV cameras from one software.
  • Multiple Business Options - our Access Control Software is made to measure for your business. Choose from Start, Lite, Business & Enterprise editions

CSCS Card Wizard

How it works:

The Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) is an IT partner of Tensor. All of our Access Control Systems, including Facial Recognition, Fingerprint Recognition and even Gates, Barriers and Turnstiles can be integrated with a CSCS Smart Card. The integration allows contractors who attend CSCS sites to use their CSCS smartcard to identify themselves as a CSCS certified tradesman, clock in and out of site for attendance purposes, grant access to the site and register on/off the Fire Roll Call list.


  • Prevent Unauthorised Access - ensure that visiting contractors are who they say they are
  • One Card Fits All - contractors will only need one CSCS smart card to do everything required on site, including accessing and clocking in.
  • Use With Any Access System - a CSCS smart card can be used with any type of Access Control System, including Biometric Access Control.
CSCS Card Wizard

Want to know more?

New to biometrics? We have compiled a comprehensive guide detailing how these access control systems work.

What is Biometric Access Control?

Biometric Fingerprint Access Control
Biometric Access Control Case Study - XMA Ltd Logo

Case study: XMA Ltd

XMA is a family-owned, £500 million-pound, business that delivers IT solutions to enable customers to evolve and transform the way they work. Customers include the Police, Schools, Councils, and other public sector services. XMA also deploys IT hardware from laptops, IPads, desktop computers, monitors, printers, and scanners. They use a combination of Smart Card Access Control and Biometric Access Control Systems at the Nottingham site, and only use Tensor’s Smart Card Access Control System at St Albans.

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NSI Certificate

Approved services and NSI Certificate of Approval for Access Control and CCTV Systems

NSI Certificate of Approval

Tensor plc is a leading company in biometric access control systems in the UK marketplace. Get in touch with our team now to arrange a demo or learn more.

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