Bearward Engineering Ltd Upgrade and Customise Their Tensor System

Bearward Engineering Ltd are one of the largest producers of industrial radiators in the world manufacturing over 35,000 radiators a year. In 2005, they began looking for a new time and attendance system to replace their old clocking system and chose Tensor TA Enterprise as it “would do what we wanted at a competitive price” said Colin Button, HR Manager, “It does exactly what it said on the box!!”.

When Bearward Engineering Ltd were looking to upgrade their visitor monitoring system that includes gate access control to their site, Tensor was the natural choice, especially given Bearward’s existing relationship with Tensor. Tensor were also able to uniquely customise the barriers and turnstiles to Bearward’s requirements.

The installation of the customised gate access control system was carried out by the Tensor Operations department, who are “the most helpful bunch of people you could wish to meet. They came when they said and always did a good job”, said Colin, “and there were no problems with either the hardware or software installation”. Colin added that he had, on occasion, used the Tensor Helpdesk service and found them “very responsive and helpful.”

The installation of the customised barrier system awards Bearward an effective method of security but also doubles up as a way of monitoring the amount of vehicles travelling through any given access point. Colin added that both the Tensor access control system and smart cards are “simple to use and reliable” and that as the staff were already trained, no further training was required.

Tensor are proud to deliver products that can constantly evolve to its customers needs and requirements. When asked whether Colin would recommend Tensor to others, he replied “Yes, and I have done so”.

Customer Information

Bearward Engineering Ltd

Main Road, Far Cotton, Northampton, England

Tel: +44 1604 762851


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