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British Pepper and Spice have been combining their knowledge, craft and imagination to produce quality herbs and spices over many years. Today, British Pepper and Spice are the largest UK supplier of retailer branded herbs and spices. Their own Gourmet Garden range can be found in all major supermarkets. Around 150 permanent staff are employed at their facility at Brackmills in Northampton.

The company's Finance manager, Linda Browett, was given the task of replacing the existing Blick Time and Attendance system with a new one. They didn’t want to renew with Blick because of their long ‘rolling’ contracts and additionally they wanted the new system to do Access Control. It was envisaged that the new system would be a combined Time & Attendance and Access Control system to stop any unauthorised person from entering the site.

The Access Control aspect of the system also had to tie into the existing building fire alarm so that doors would automatically open in the event of an emergency. British pepper use the Opera payroll software so the new system would also have to export attendance information to this automatically.

Linda looked at several systems and eventually decided to install a Smart Card based WinTA system from Tensor. Linda said " We looked at 3 different systems and we found that the Tensor system was particularly user friendly. I wanted a system that once set up would be easy for the payroll department to administer. Obviously, using a non-electronic system would have been a backward step"

The system was installed by Tensor and comprises Time & Attendance clocks and 8 Access Control readers. The access control readers are located at all the external doors of the building. The backdoor also has a push button to provide an easy exit from the building.

Linda and her colleagues attended WinTA Training courses at Tensors’ Hail Weston Training Workshops. " I went on the Administrators Course and several others attended the Users Course and we all felt that the training was very good" explained Linda.

"We like the Tensor system as the payroll link allows data to be exported to our Opera payroll and cuts out any human error. We only have to review for sickness and overtime now ,so it has made it a lot more slick" she said.

"The best thing about Tensor is that it works; gives you all the time keeping information you want and has a good level of Access Control. Altering Access Control patterns and adding employees is easy. All in all – its a good system!" she concluded.

For more than 300 years British Pepper & Spice have combining their knowledge, craft and imagination with a real passion for food. Their knowledge of herbs and spices continues to be at the very heart of everything that they do, the essential keystone of all their new products development and defining their true passion – to make food more interesting.

British Pepper & Spice experience and expertise has been enhancing food since before the Great Fire of London and today British Pepper & Spice is the largest supplier of retailer herbs and spices in the UK. Having grown through innovation and inspiration, British Pepper & Spice are always exploring the full potentials offered by herbs and spices in the creation of new flavours and tastes. Uniting a pride in their heritage with the best of present-day technology have created a unique vision of their market.

For more information about British Pepper & Spices and their products please visit their website at

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