CVI Laser Focuses on Tensor for Time and Attendance System

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CVI Laser Optics is a leading global optics provider that specializes in components for lasers and laser-based systems.

CVI’s capabilities combine substrate manufacturing and thin-film coating services with advanced metrology and optomechanical integration to offer exceptional optical and laser damage performance.

Although its headquarters are located in the US, the company has a worldwide presence via its various subsidiaries, which allows it to easily offer rapid turnaround with standard, semi-custom, and fully customized laser optics solutions.

Coherent Imaging Optics LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of CVI Laser that designs and manufactures precision optical components, thin film coatings, and optical sub-assemblies, considered the purchase of a new Time and Attendance system for their headquarters in Leicester. After a careful assessment of all available options and a serious tendering process, Tensor was chosen as the preferred supplier.

As Mr. Clifford Bradbury, CVI Laser / Coherent Imaging Optics IT Network Administrator, recalls, the Tensor system was installed, and has since gone through a few upgrade processes. It now comprises multiple T1481 door card scanners, accompanied by T8440BG clocking units, as well as a couple of secure electromagnetic door locks. These components are all brought together by the WinTA.NET Enterprise software suite, which grants a superior level of control over the system’s extensive time and attendance management functionality.

The WinTA.NET Enterprise represents the flagship edition in Tensor’s line-up of time and attendance products, offering a very good level of control over such features as the creation of working rules, Access Control, Job Costing, and System Security. Furthermore, the solution also provides quick and easy access to information, delivers solid and reliable mobile clocking features, as well as a full range of functions that will enable HR departments and managers to thoroughly supervise the employees’ activity and whereabouts.

At the time of the interview, the Tensor WinTA.NET Enterprise system installed at CVI Laser’s Leicester office was used primarily for “clocking attendance, as well as holiday planning”. Nevertheless, Mr. Bradbury admitted that the system was not really used at its full potential at the time.

When asked by the Tensor reporter what he liked most about the Time and Attendance system installed at CVI Laser, Mr. Bradbury answered that “I like the fact that it’s functional. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do”.

CVI Laser’s IT Network Administrator also believes that the system is quite easy to use, “although the process of reconfiguring it can prove to be difficult”. The Tensor Smart Cards are also very easy to work with”, Mr. Bradbury told the Tensor reporter.

Ever since he took over the task of managing the Tensor Time and Attendance system installed at CVI Laser’s Leicester offices, Mr. Bradbury did have to call the Tensor help desk in order to get a few issues sorted out, and managed to do so in a fast and easy manner.

The Tensor Operations Department were also called to CVI Laser’s site a few times, and Mr. Bradbury was quite happy with their service: “It was OK. I’ve just left them alone to do their thing and they got the job done.”

Finally, when asked to sum up the relationship between CVI Laser / Coherent Optics Europe and Tensor, Mr. Bradbury commented that “it’s a rock steady product, that does exactly what it says”.

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