Dole Fresh UK Controls Site Access with Tensor

Dole Fresh UK is a Fresh Produce company predominantly focused on supplying fruit products throughout the UK. They operate across the entire fresh produce supply chain, from farm to end consumer. Through its sister companies, established affiliates and long-term grower relationships, the organisation is able to offer customers both a breadth and depth of product, expertise and creative ideas to meet their needs in this challenging market.

Dole Fresh UK prides itself to be, in the markets in which it operates, the first choice destination for discerning customers for their product supply and service provision.

Dole Fresh UK was actively looking for a solution for implementing a higher level of access control and site security, as well as time and attendance, for their main operations hub in Dartford, employing around 150 staff members.

Mr. Matt Scott, the IT Manager for Dole Fresh UK, was the main decision maker in the acquisition process, and he recalls that he “considered several competing systems at the time”. However, the Tensor Access Control solution was ultimately chosen, due both to its overall value and the fact that it had received “a very good recommendation” from a 3’rd party who had had a very good previous experience with Tensor products.

Dole Fresh UK relies on multiple Tensor T1488G Smart Card Readers, installed throughout their premises, for controlling specific access rights to various areas.

Furthermore, Dole Fresh UK also decided to have a couple of interesting extras installed, designed to streamline the site access process, including here some a couple of video intercoms, and VOIP phones with LCD screens for the reception area. Given the modular nature of the Tensor systems, integrating these extra components was actually a pretty fast and easy process.

Bringing together all the different parts of the system, the Win AC.NET suite enables users to easily set access rights and patterns for each employee and review their location at any given time, while they’re on the premises. The system also enables comprehensive system security and role management features, sensor monitoring and local alarms, limiting access to specific areas and monitoring of contractors and visitors.

The complete Tensor Access Control solution was smoothly installed by Tensor’s engineers. Apart from a problem involving “one door’s video entry system”, both the hardware and software installation processes went pretty smoothly, according to Mr. Scott.

When asked by the Tensor reporter whether he had received any training on using the system, Mr. Scott answered: “Yes, I received training on-site, and the quality of the training process was very good”.

Matt also revealed that, despite being quite satisfied with the system’s functionality (“it does what it’s supposed to do, and does it well”), Dole Fresh UK is not “necessarily using the system at its full potential”. However, Mr. Scott reckoned that they are using it “as much as needed at this time”.

In terms of everyday functionality, Dole Fresh UK’s IT Manager believes that the Tensor Access Control and Time & Attendance solution is “very easy to use”, and the same applies for the Tensor Smart Cards.

Mr.Scott also told the Tensor reporter that they’ve also opted to have the Fire Roll Call feature installed and activated, although no emergency situations occurred up until now, so luckily, they were never required to use it, apart from the usual tests, of course.

When asked where Tensor could improve the quality of its service to Dole Fresh UK, Mr.Scott wasn’t really able to provide an answer, since the system worked well and they haven’t had “any major issues so far”.

Matt also revealed that, at the time of the interview, they were also in the process of extending the Tensor system by adding a couple of extra door controls.

When asked by the Tensor reporter whether Dole Fresh UK would recommend the Tensor products to other companies, Mr. Scott’s answer was a strong “Yes”. Summing up the relationship between Dole Fresh UK and Tensor, Mr. Matt Scott said that “We are very satisfied with Tensor. The products are very good, and so is the after-sales support.”

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