Faiveley Transport installs flagship Time and Attendance product at its sites

Founded in 1919, Faiveley Transport delivers complete, state of the art braking and passenger access technology for 200 trains. Faiveley has solidified its position as the chosen supplier for rail manufacturers and operators worldwide by offering the market’s widest range of products and systems. The Faiveley Group is present in 22 countries and operates on the global rail-equipment market. From this privileged position, it provides added value to its customers from its centres of competence and engineering departments.

Multi-site firm Faiveley, which has one of its offices in Birkenhead, Merseyside, had Tensor’s WinTA Access Enterprise for Time & Attendance installed. This is a top-of-the-range multi-user, networked, multi-site combined Time and Attendance and Access Control security system intended for larger companies. The Tensor flagship product can store up to 2,000 employees on a single Time and Attendance clock, to which extra scanners may be attached for Access Control, Job Booking, and Job Costing.

The system was installed in stages. Firstly, at Faiveley Transport Birkenhead followed by Tamworth afterwards. Approximately 5,000 people work in the group: 130 at Birkenhead, 50 at Tamworth. The decision maker for the installation was originally Martin Hathaway, the IT Manager at that time. IT Manager Darren McEntee-Morris said the system was easy to set-up and use.

He said that since the installation: “We have had some problems with the system, mainly due to changes of staff and lack of training. The helpdesk has always been extremely helpful and professional. Most problems have been resolved within minutes. We have since had training to improve our knowledge.” He added to the reporter: “The training was for basic use of the system (after using the system for several years). The training filled gaps in our knowledge and was very useful.”

On whether the firm has had any unique customizations of our products, Darren added: “We have only recently gone to multiple sites in the past couple of months. Both sites connect to one single server.” On Tensor’s support network, he commented: “We have used the Tensor helpdesk many times over the years for configuration issues when upgrading our systems, and also for user issues. Response times are always good and we have never had a bad experience.” He also gave our Helpdesk Department the highest possible rating on a scale of 1-5.

Darren said the Tensor Smart Cards, which are the quickest on the market to operate because they do not require swiping, are “extremely easy to use, every employee uses one without any issues.” When asked how Tensor could improve its service, Darren replied: “All experiences have been positive,” and added what he likes most about the Tensor system: “Ease of use.” Darren agreed he would you recommend Tensor to other companies, and concluded by summing up Tensor: “A professional company with competent and pleasant staff. They’re always available to answer queries and provide solutions.”


Faiveley Transport Birkenhead.
Morpeth Wharf
Twelve Quays
CH41 1LW
United Kingdom

Website: https://www.wabteccorp.com/

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