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Fläkt Woods is a global company providing solutions for ventilation and air treatment for buildings as well as fan solutions for Industry and Infrastructure applications.

The company first thought of installing a new Time & Attendance system when they decided to move to new premises. They had had an existing Time & Attendance system that was 10 years old but now needed an integrated system for their 400 staff at their new UK manufacturing facility in Colchester.

Amy Wyatt, Human Resources Officer, was given the task of finding a new supplier. Essentially, Amy wanted a Time & Attendance which was easy to use and less time consuming than their existing one to administer. The new system also needed to be an integrated access control system to secure the site.

Fläkt Woods looked at 7 systems and bought from Tensor because Tensor could do what was needed and demonstrated the flexibility and ease of use of their system. Amy said another advantage with Tensor was that they demonstrated the ability to interface with other pieces of software, in particular their new HR system.

Tensor installed a WinTA Time & Attendance and Access Control system comprising T8440 clocking station and T1481 Smart Card Access Control scanners which includes a Fire Roll Call system. A few problems were encountered during the installation as some of the doors to which the access control was to be fitted were not in place.

No problems were encountered with the software installation. The HR department were all trained on how to use the WinTA system at a special workshop style session at their premises in Colchester. Very knowledgeable was how Amy described the trainer and Good was how she described the quality of the training. Although Amy does not believe that they yet use the Tensor system to its full potential she is happy with the current use for basic time recording and Access Control.

Logical layout and easy to understand, was Amy’s view of the Tensor system and she particularly likes the Mimic Panel and Absence Planner and the way that exceptions are dealt with. Once you know what you are doing it’s very easy to use – but you do need the training first, was Amy’s comments of Tensor and she particularly likes Tensor’s Smart Cards as they are “easy to use”.

Fläkt Woods also have a Tensor Fire Roll Call System.

Amy has used the Tensor Helpdesk and described the service as Fine! No problems so far. Asked what she likes most about Tensor, Amy said Functionality, flexibility and reportability – and “Yes”, she would recommend Tensor to other companies.

Summing up Tensor in a few words, Amy concluded “Tensor’s staff know what they are talking about and are friendly. The system is adaptable and links well with our HR system.”

Fläkt Woods Limited

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