Fold Hill Foods Feed On Tensor Time & Attendance System

Fold Hill Foods Ltd are manufacturers of dried pet food and have been producing pet foods for over 20 years. They have gained and maintained an enviable reputation for quality and for this reason are now the largest supplier in the UK of dry pet food for retailers’ “own brands”.

Moreover, the Company Accountant, Nick Barkworth, was looking at ways of providing better and closer control of the working hours of the 150 strong workforce. He was also looking at better methods of monitoring overtime. In addition, any new system would have to collect job costing information and export this to an existing in-house system and, as the company already had an Ethernet PC network in place it, was important that any system bought was “Ethernet enabled”.

Nick investigated what was available in the marketplace and reviewed several systems including the Smart Card Time & Attendance, Access Control and Job Costing systems from Tensor. He finally decided on Tensor because of “the flexibility of the Tensor system” . When asked why he bought from Tensor, Nick replied, “Tensor had a quality system that could cope with our continental shift patterns that span midnight – whereas the competitors could not”.

A Wintalite system comprising two Tensor Smart Card T8440 clocking stations operating over an Ethernet network was successfully installed. The system also included Tensor’s Fire Roll Call system and roll call printer. No problems were encountered with the installation of the hardware or the software.

Nick Barkworth and Tracey Patrick, one of Accounts team, were trained on the new time recording system at Tensor’s training centre in Hail Weston. Nick said the training was “Good! – a lot to take in one day” .

When asked what he liked most about Tensor, Nick said “ease of use – A Tensor System can do everything we want it to do” . Nick also said the Tensor Smart Cards are “quick and very easy to use” . Fold Hill have already used the Fire Roll Call system for fire drills. They have also used the Tensor Helpdesk and have described the service as “Okay” .

When Nick was asked if he would recommend Tensor to other companies, he exclaimed “yes” , and summing up Tensor in a few words he concluded, “Tensor have a quality system that is easy-to-use and does everything we want it to do” .

Customer Information

Fold Hill Foods Ltd.

Old Leake,



PE22 9RJ

Telephone: +44 (0) 1352 744200


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