GABRIEL-CHEMIE install Tensor Access Control and Time and Attendance System

GABRIEL-CHEMIE install Tensor Access Control and Time and Attendance System

The GABRIEL-CHEMIE Group specialises in the development and production of additives and colouring for the refining of plastics. Established in 1950, the company is one of Europe’s leading masterbatch producers today.

The independent, privately-owned group has its headquarters in Gumpoldskirchen/Austria and further production sites in Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Russia.

The GABRIEL-CHEMIE Group’s UK production facility is located in Tonbridge, Kent, where it manufactures a comprehensive range of products designed to meet the varying processing requirements and regulatory needs of today’s masterbatch user.

A few years ago, the Group’s local management decided that the old clocking machine installed at the Paddock Wood site was no longer fit for purpose and started looking for a modern and reliable employee timekeeping system.

We had a very old clocking machine and we wanted to replace it with a modern, up-to-date time and attendance system” said Assistant Accountant, Nicky Graves.

After seeing a demonstration of the Tensor Smart Keyfob attendance monitoring system the company decided to install a Tensor WinTA Lite system which included two Smart Fob clocking stations located at the production facility’s main entrance and in the Reception area, respectively.

WinTA Lite Edition is the entry-point version of Tensor’s world-class web enabled Smart Card based Time & Attendance and Integrated Security Management System for single site companies. It’s a comprehensive system that delivers Time and Attendance, Access Control, Visitor Monitoring and Identification Pass functionality – all in one reasonably priced system. WinTALite has helped many companies save time and money whilst providing best-in-class employee monitoring and management features.

The system was installed at the GABRIEL-CHEMIE site and no major problems were encountered with the installation of either the hardware or the software.

Nicky attended an intensive training course at Tensor’s Hail Weston Training Centre. She described this learning experience as “very good, and very helpful”.

We’re a smaller firm, so we probably don’t use all the more advanced features to their full potential” explained Nicky “But it does exactly what we need it to do!”

Nicky explained how the current system is also being used for “fire roll call monitoring” something very important in their industry. Here, Tensor clocks and access control units are linked into their fire alarm system to trigger a fast, automated fire evacuation list in the event of an emergency.

Luckily for us, we’ve never had to use the Fire Roll call system for real emergencies so far, but we do trigger test fire alarms on a regular basis” commented Nicky.

Besides our more senior colleagues, who’ve been with the company for a very long time – 10, 15 years – we also employ a number of temporary members of staff. The Tensor system is very useful for keeping track of their activity” she added.

When asked what she likes most about Tensor, Nicky replied “I like that the attendance data supplied by the system is easily readable…” and “The clocking units and software are user-friendly fast and perform very well each day”

Tensor Time and Attendance and Access Control systems use contactless Smart Cards and Key Fobs when they do not need to be removed from a wallet or purse to be used. They read right thought almost all non-metallic substances. In particular the Key Fobs, enticed by their small size are “dead easy” to use on a key ring. As Nicky said “very fast and easy to use”.

Would Nicky recommend Tensor to other companies? “Yes” was the reply, and summing up Tensor in a few words, she concluded: “The Tensor system is user-friendly and reliable”.


Customer Information

Gabriel-Chemie UK LTD

Transfesa Road

Paddock Wood, Tonbridge

Kent, TN 12 6 UT

Phone: +44 (0)1892 / 83 65 66

Fax: +44 (0)1892 / 83 69 79



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