Lessiter’s Use Tensor for Time & Attendance Purposes

Family-owned and managed, Lessiter’s is one of the few wholly independent chocolate makers left in Britain. Lessiter’s promise you chocolate as it ought to taste and stay true to the old values and traditions of Swiss chocolate making at their premises in Woolmer Green, Hertfordshire.

The Managing Director of the company, Hans Luder, investigated the possibility of installing a more efficient clocking-in system that was also linked to a computer. Upon recommendation from others, Lessiter’s then purchased a Tensor Smart Card based WinTA Lite Time & Attendance system. This also included Access Control on two of the doors within their building.

The whole system was installed and commissioned by Tensor with no problems. There were a mixture of minor problems when the software was installed, but these were quickly resolved.

Works Manager, Nina Luder, was trained on the use of WinTA Lite at Tensor’s Training Centre in Hail Weston, Cambridgeshire. “We use WinTA Lite for Time and Attendance, Health & Safety and for calculating payroll hours” explained Nina. “The Access Control part of WinTA Lite limits who can come and go within the premises” she added.

Asked what she liked most about the system, Nina replied “Tensor Smart Cards, quick and easy to use software, and I like the fact that it’s an automated system with instant availability of information” .

Nina has used the Tensor Helpdesk and described the service as “Pretty good”. She is also considering extending the Tensor system to include further Access Control.

Asked to sum up Tensor in a few words, Nina said “Tensor’s staff are friendly and helpful”.

Lessiter’s Ltd

61 London Road,
Woolmer Green,

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