LF Logistics taps Tensor for Time and Attendance, Biometric Access Control

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LF Logistics is an integrated distribution and logistics services provider covering a full menu of services along the value-chain. The company was a part of the Integrated Distribution Services Group Limited (IDS Group), acquired back in 2010 by the Li & Fung Group.

The Li & Fung Group has a worldwide presence and focuses primarily on serving brand owners of consumer and healthcare products who wish to penetrate the Asian market.

A few years ago, LF Logistics was searching for an automated system aimed at replacing their existing “paper-based clocking system” with a new and modern one, designed to make life a lot easier for the HR department. At the time, that was quite an important issue, given the fact that the company operates across several sites, with an estimated 400 members of staff.

Mr. Brian Hodgson, System Support Manager for LF Logistics UK, recalls that several competing systems were considered at the time. Nevertheless, after seriously considering all of their options, the company’s representatives decided to go for the WinTA Access Enterprise solution, combined with a series of software modifications and customizations, designed in order to match the company’s specific requirements.

As the flagship Tensor Time and Attendance system, WinTA.NET Enterprise offers an extensive level of control over a series of advanced features, such as the creation of working rules, Access Control, Job Costing and System Security, and has been specifically designed for multiple companies, each managing multiple sites.

The software sports a very user-friendly interface, and can hold data on a huge array of employees. It delivers support for EM, HID, iClass & MiFare cards as well as Smart Card and Biometric validation of an employee’s identification, plus Access Control with graphic maps and email alerts for all types of doors, barriers, turnstiles & gates. A Fire Roll call feature is also included in the package.

Beside opting for this top-range Time and Attendance system, LF Logistics UK also decided to implement a couple of additional biometric access control solutions in the form of several Biometric Fingerprint Readers connected to relevant PCs via an USB interface.

The solution was installed by Tensor’s engineers back in 2007, the hardware and software installation and set-up processes going quite smoothly, Mr. Hodgson told the Tensor reporter.

LF Logistics UK’s representatives also received training on using the Tensor systems at their own site, the quality of the training process being described as “very good”.

When asked what he likes most about the Tensor system, Mr. Hodgson’s answer was “it does exactly what we originally wanted it to do.” He also admitted that they’re probably not really using the system at its full potential right now.

As far as the Tensor system’s usability is concerned, the LF Logistics System Support Manager commented that “once it has been properly set up, the system is quite easy to use”. Plus, when questioned about the Tensor Smart Cards’s functionality, Mr. Hodgson’s answer was “yes, they’re quite easy to use”.

Additionally, when speaking about the biometric fingerprint reader installed at LF Logistics UK, Mr. Brian Hodgson also told the Tensor reporter that the finger print readers work “very well”, giving them a “9/10” mark on a scale of overall functionality.

When asked whether he’s ever had to call the Tensor help desk, Mr. Hodgson provided an affirmative answer, commenting that the quality of the service was “very good”.

Nevertheless, LF Logistics UK have always managed to solve any and every issue they’ve come across without calling the Tensor Operations department, Mr. Hodgson recalls. He also added that he “can’t really say where Tensor could improve the quality of the service it delivers, since things generally work fine”.

Finally, when asked whether LF Logistic UK would recommend Tensor to other companies, Mr. Hodgson’s answer was that “I’d certainly recommend the company and products to be considered during any tendering process”.


Customer Information

LF Logistics (UK) Limited

Unit 1, Parkway Interchange

35 Kettlebridge Road


South Yorkshire

Telephone: 01142615620

web: https://www.lflogistics.com/

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