Meggitt Senses Tensor is the Right Choice for Time and Attendance and Access Control

Meggitt Senses Tensor is the Right Choice for Time and Attendance and Access Control

Headquartered in the UK, Meggitt PLC is a global engineering group specialising in extreme environment components and smart sub-systems for aerospace, defence and energy markets. Some 10,000 people are employed across manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe and North America and regional bases in Brazil, India and the Middle East.

Meggitt Sensing Systems is the Meggitt division specializing in sensing and monitoring systems. The firm has operated through its antecedents since 1927 under the names of Ferroperm Piezoceramics, Lodge Ignition, Endevco, Sensorex, ECET, Vibro-Meter and Wilcoxon Research. Today, their capabilities and facilities have been integrated under one Meggitt division to provide complete systems from a single supply base.

The company’s facility in Basingstoke manufactures a variety of sensors and ignition products, including temperature sensors, pressure sensors, rotational speed sensors, proximity and position sensors, as well as igniters and leads.

Paul Ankerson, IT Manager at Meggitt Sensing Systems, told the Tensor reporter that, when the old Access Control system installed at the Basingstoke site failed, they immediately started looking for a more reliable alternative.

We considered several different systems around that time, but we couldn’t find many capable of delivering the sort of functionality that we required.” Commented Paul. Following a successful demonstration of the Tensor smart card system, Meggit Sensing Systems decided to purchase a Tensor WinTA L Time and Attendance & Access Control system because of “the speed of access and HR-oriented features” it delivered, as well as its “overall very good value for money”.

The system was installed without any major problems or disruptions. It was then expanded when the company moved to a different site nearby.

Their currently installed Tensor system features numerous T32xx clocking stations and T1481G smart card readers, designed to easily create secure areas within the facility and monitor personnel attendance. In terms of software, the company runs the Tensor WinTA Access Lite suite, which means that it relies solely on Tensor for complete access control and time & attendance supervision.

We required some bespoke software modifications that would enable us to implement more flexible shift arrangements for our staff, in terms of starting times, dates, etc. These changes were coded into our system and although we’ve had a few minor issues with them over time, Tensor was always there to help us sort out any problem quickly and efficiently.” Paul told the Tensor reporter. Paul was pleased that unlike some other companies, Tensor was willing to make software changes to suit their particular needs.

After the Tensor Time and Attendance system was installed, Paul and two of his colleagues from the HR department were taught how to use it by one of Tensor’s trainers. “Very effective and informative” was how Paul described the training process.

Since then, however, all the training has been carried out internally, giving Paul a chance to share his in-depth knowledge of the system. In his own words: “Our policies have changed over the past couple of years, and now, every manager is responsible for their own department. As such, they all have to use the Tensor Time and Attendance system, and I’ve trained them all, which was not a very difficult task, as the system is very user-friendly.”

Paul explained that Meggit Sensing Systems use the Tensor Time and Attendance System at its full potential right now, with the system being literally “embedded into our building”. He also believes the system is “very easy to use” and will “work just fine, for both HR reporting and Access Control.”

The Tensor WinTA Lite system has met its objectives of being fast, reliable and to provide a secure method of gaining entry to the premises. During this long time the system has been supported by Tensor’s help desk and the Operations department for product maintenance.

When asked what he thought of the quality of this service, Paul responded “The level of support from the Tensor Help Desk has been consistently very good throughout the years. As for the Tensor Operations engineers, they were absolutely great. They visited our site whenever we required assistance with anything – like creating additional secure areas – and did a great job each and every time.”

While the Tensor Time and Attendance and Access Control System has worked very well at the Meggit site over the years, Paul believes that the time is right for an upgrade. “We’ve already reached the upper limit set by our version of the software (Lite) in terms of the number of registered employees. When we installed the system, we only had around 70 or 80 employees on the site. Now we have expanded to almost 180, so we are also considering the possibility of a full software upgrade.”

When asked if he would recommend Tensor to other companies, Paul replied, “Yes, I certainly would.”

A very satisfied Paul summed up his experience of Tensor by saying “The Tensor Time and Attendance and Access Control System is a very robust product that meets all of our requirements”.

Customer Information

Meggitt (UK) Limited

The Laurels, Jays Close

Viables Industrial Estate

Basingstoke, Hampshire

RG22 4BS United Kingdom


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