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Meridian Audio is a leading company in digital and analogue audio, in surround sound, in CD, DVD and Video. Meridian products are designed and made at their factory in Huntingdon, England.

For the security Access Control and Time & Attendance monitoring of the factory in Huntingdon Meridian have installed a WinTA system. The system controls internal and external access control. These control points security levels can be set for different times of the day from the main PC allowing unique access patterns for each shift. Any visitors to Meridian simply use the installed intercom system to talked to reception before gaining access to the building.

The Tensor Smart Cards will not only gain access to the building but also clock staff in and out, at any of the Time and Attendance readers. The advanced reporting and analysing features of WinTA Enterprise will use the clocking information in real time to produce standard or customised reports.

The fire alarm system is integrated with WinTA so that in emergencies a fire roll call report is printed from a dedicated printer. This report gives a fast procedure for accounting for employees.

Meridian Audio equipment has gained much critical and industrial acclaim winning the coveted Design Council Award for Outstanding British Product an unprecedented three times in addition to the EISA European Product of the year award twice and many other international accolades. Meridian Audio is a privately owned company founded in 1977.

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