Meridian Medical Improve Employee Attendance Management with Tensor

Tensor – just the tonic for employee attendance management at Meridian Medical

Meridian Medical specialises in the medical device design, development and manufacture of sterile and non sterile products. Located in Littlehampton, West Sussex, the company occupies a purpose built manufacturing facility totalling 9,000 square feet of clean rooms.

Meridian has three clean rooms dedicated to the assembly and packaging of sterile and non sterile medical devices, whilst a 4th clean room houses 7 moulding machines ranging from 22 tons to 100 tons. These manufacture moulded medical devices and components.

A few years ago, Meridian were looking for a new employee attendance management system. “Our main objective at the time was to install a modern Time and Attendance system in order to better manage our staff”, said James Fenton, Technical Manager for Meridian Medical Limited.

After reviewing several competing products, the company chose a Tensor Smart Card Time & Attendance and Access Control System. “The Tensor system was the easiest to use and met all of our requirements”, James explained.

Meridian Medical employees use their Tensor Smart Card to gain entrance to the site and also for access to the offices, clean rooms, mould shop and other internal areas. The beauty of Tensor Smart Cards are that they are extremely quick, unobtrusive and easy to use. They are an excellent way of dictating which employees are allowed into which particular areas, at given points in time, throughout the day whilst also providing an audit trail of activity.

The clocking information is automatically processed in real-time by the WinTA Enterprise software, so that managers can strategically plan the deployment of their human resources. At the end of the factory’s pay cycle, a series of standard and customized reports are printed, and the ‘hours worked’ information is automatically passed into the company’s payroll system.

The Meridian installation proceeded with no hardware or software issues. Once the system was installed, a number of staff were selected by the company to attend the on-site training day run by Tensor. ”Perfectly suitable to our needs” is how James described the quality of the training session.

It seems its the reliability of Tensor is what James likes most, “The system works within the parameters we’ve set for it and hasn’t given us any trouble ever since it was installed.” he said.

When asked by the Tensor reporter to comment on the system’s day-to-day operation, James immediately exclaimed “It’s very easy to use!” the “smart cards perform very well” he added.

Tensor Smart Cards do not need to be removed from wallets, bags or “cap and gowned” people, which makes using them particularly helpful in a clean room environment.

James’s has used the Tensor after sales help desk where he described his experience as “The service was good, very useful”.

Summing up Tensor in a few words he concluded, “The Time and Attendance system works exactly as promised. Tensor has done a very good job installing and setting it up, so it has worked fine from day one.”

Customer Information

Meridian Medical Ltd

Unit 1, Thorgate Road

Lineside Industrial Estate


West Sussex

BN17 7LU

Phone: +44 (0) 1903 732 344

Fax: +44 (0) 1903 732 348


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