Tensor Access Control System – the Perfect Recipe for Puratos UK

TEN-CASE- Puratos

Puratos is an international group with a full range of innovative products and application expertise in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate sectors. Their products are manufactured in more than 50 plants spread across 4 continents and sold in over 100 countries.

The group’s UK branch is located in Buckingham and comprises production & storage facilities, offices and meeting rooms; as well a staff canteen.

Security and due diligence is paramount to Puratos, so, the management decided to install a new Access Control system to “lock down entry to some of the offices and production areas”, explained Neil Waine, their Production Planning and Materials Manager.

Although Puratos UK already had an access control system in place, it simply was not measuring up to their latest requirements, especially relating to food standards. Unfortunately, their existing system also did not deliver the level of reliability and functionality the company needed; nor any headroom for further expansion.

Following a thorough market research review, Tensor was selected as the preferred supplier of the new Access Control system. This was due to Tensor’s good track record in designing and commissioning secure, reliable and affordable Access Control systems for other major players in the food industry.

The Tensor engineering team first surveyed the Puratos site and designed a comprehensive, cost-effective system with multiple networked smart card readers, door controllers and time recording stations. Its role – to restrict access to specific zones, such as the production hall, production silo, warehousing, meeting rooms, reception, offices and the canteen.

As people person pass through the defined access points, secured by electromagnetic locks, the Tensor system compares the individual’s security profile with that of the access point and grants (or denies) access, depending on the specific access rights. Security profiles are based upon the day, time of day, and the security threat level of the attempted access.

The Tensor Access Control system was installed with minimum disruption to the company’s daily operations. “There weren’t any problems during the install – none that I can recall, anyway”, exclaimed Neil.

A member of the dedicated Tensor Training Team taught key Puratos staff on how to use the system. “Fine, very good”, was their description of their on-site learning experience. The training session enabled the staff to fully understand the range of useful applications within their system and how to utilize the software to maximum benefit.

The Access Control System installed at Puratos is managed by Tensor’s “World Class”, web enabled, integrated Security Management System called WinTA. It has a familiar Windows™ interface, with quick and easy access to information, as well a powerful range of features granting the system administrator total control over its operation.

Asked what has impressed him most about Tensor, Neil answered “The system is very reliable and easy to use.” He also added that the Tensor smart cards are “extremely easy to work with.”

Tensor supply bright blue proximity-read smart cards, especially for the food industry.

Puratos UK experience of using the Tensor Help Desk and post installation support is good. “We had to replace the computer running the Tensor software with a new one and required support to get the system working.” Explained Neil. “Tensor’s Help Desk analysts and the operations team engineers who visited our site were very helpful and delivered a very good level of service.”

Neil told our reporter that he would gladly recommend Tensor to other firms and summed up his Tensor experience as, “Tensor is a very reliable company and a real pleasure to work with.”

Customer Information

Puratos UK office

Buckingham Industrial Park


MK18 1XT

Phone: +44 (0)1280 822860

Web: http://www.puratos.co.uk/

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