Tensor Deliver Time & Attendance and Access Control System for Mondi Packaging

Mondi Packaging is one of Europe’s largest integrated packaging manufacturers. They make a full range of corrugated and paper products including point of purchase displays.

When the management of the Mondi factory in March, Cambridgeshire wanted to replace their existing manual clock card system with a computerised one, they reviewed the various systems available. In particular, they wanted a system that was also an Access Control system capable of handling Fire Roll Call reporting.

"We narrowed it down to three systems. Tensor was the only one that handled all three features of Time & Attendance, Access Control and Fire Roll Call in one system" said Sadie Constable, Site System Support manager. The company ordered a WinTA Enterprise system and it was installed decades ago.

Currently, the March factory has around 180 employees, augmented with some 50 contractors. They all use the WinTA system for site access and to record their hours.
"We operate a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week facility. Tensor gives us an easy method of control over staff movements and the hours worked. Tensor is great; some of our employees swap shifts but we can easily monitor the total hours worked for each individual at the touch of a button." explained Sadie. "Making changes to the security settings or setting up the Access Control patterns is simple." She added.

The original system has been expanded and upgraded several times since 1996. Sadie thinks one of the best features of the Tensor Time & Attendance system is that Supervisors can easily review absence and sickness information. What she likes the most is how the system handles their complex shift patterns. "Before we just paid employees whatever they put on their time sheets, but now we have accurate timekeeping data which is used to analyse overtime and job costs." commented Sadie.

Mondi employs a number of contractors. "With Tensor we can restrict access to only certain areas at weekends" explained Sadie; "Also we can see exactly how long each contractor spent on the site", she said.

Rounding up, Sadie said, "On-site security has been improved immensely since we introduced Tensor and the facility to fully analyse employee clockings has opened ours eyes to how the factory was run and how we could run it better!"

Mondi use the information in WinTA to analyse overtime costs against particular machines and rates to ensure they use the cheapest option. In the future, they intend to use it not only job costing but also job planning.

Mondi Packaging


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