Tensor has ideal Clocking and Access Control recipe for Baker Perkins

Baker Perkins Ltd process equipment has established a worldwide reputation for innovation, reliability and service in the bakery, confectionery, snack, breakfast cereal, and biscuit, cookie and cracker industries.

Baker Perkins moved one of its sites to Peterborough, Cambridgeshire in 1904. Following the late 1980s there was re-location to new premises on a ‘greenfield’ site at Paston in the city. Included at Paston is a unique Innovation Centre where Baker Perkins and its clients have collaborated on original, added-value products that are now seen in supermarkets worldwide.

Matt Boyle, a systems administrator in the Baker Perkins IT department, explained that originally they had an old legacy time and attendance set-up that was no longer fit for purpose, and that the company wanted a new efficient and reliable replacement system for staff clocking and secure Access Control. The new system had to be able to handle the working shifts and patterns of the 300-strong workforce.

He said Baker Perkins chose Tensor because “the price was very good, and the system had virtually all the features we needed”.

Tensor installed a smart card based WinTA Time & Attendance and Access Control system at the Baker Perkins premises in Peterborough and there were no problems with the installation of either the hardware or software components.

Baker Perkins has also decided to opt for the Tensor Personnel suite, which enables a superior level of workforce management by saving in-depth information on each employee. Moreover, the Web-Enabled Absence Planner module streamlines the working relationship between employees and their managers, allowing users to easily request time off when necessary.

Following the installation, selected members of staff were trained on the use of the Tensor system on-site at the Baker Perkins factory.

When we asked Matt about how well the staff took to using the Tensor proximity read smart cards, he replied “We use the smart cards to clock in and out and to gain access on site. You just have to hold the card in front of the scanner and it lets people in. It’s quite quick!”. The cards typically take a quarter of a second to be read.

Clocking on with the system also provides a useful audit trail, as it shows who tried to gain access at which point in the building (or indeed whether access was denied to an intruder). This information can also be employed in case there needs to be an emergency evacuation. Here, the automatic Fire Roll Call software takes over immediately printing a list of occupants. This can be checked off at the evacuation point.

The Baker Perkins IT systems’ administrator told the Tensor reporter he occasionally has had to call our help or support desk. On those rare occasions matters were quickly sorted out, and he added, “I can’t remember the last time I had to call anyone regarding any problems.”

When asked whether he would recommend Tensor to other companies, Mr. Matt Boyle’s reply was “Yes”. He further added, “I have recommended Tensor in the past to other people who share the same building”.

Baker Perkins Ltd

Manor Drive

Paston Parkway



United Kingdom

Website: https://www.bakerperkins.com/

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