Tensor Serve Up Time & Attendance and Access Control system for Direct Table Foods

Direct Table Foods Ltd have two factories, one in Cuffley, Hertfordshire and one at Bury St Edmunds. The company slices and packs bacon; both their ‘own brand’ and also products for major supermarkets. Originally founded in the famous Smithfield market, Direct Table developed a fine reputation for sausages and other meat products and were one of first sole suppliers to the supermarket, Sainsbury’s.

Some time in the 90s the Logistics Manager, David Bull, was looking to update the existing Time Link clocking system which calculated the attendance hours of the 350 strong workforce. The existing system was a free-standing unit and was “growing tired and old”.

After reviewing systems from Blick, Time Link and Tensor, Dave bought a WinTA system from Tensor because “Tensor had more features than Blick or Time Link and the Tensor Smart Cards better suited the environment of a food company”. The company decided the main advantage of Tensor over the competitors was “Tensor’s combined Time & Attendance and Access Control system . Tensor then successfully installed a WinTA system including Access Control using a T1080 Smart Card scanner to the company. There were no problems with the installation of the hardware or software. David Bull was trained on WinTA at Tensor’s training centre in Hail Weston and reported the quality of the training as “Good”.

Almost decades later the system is used daily for Time & Attendance monitoring, planning and accounting for absences and holidays and also for security, to limit access to the offices. Direct Tables’ HR and Payroll Manager, Chris Porter, explained to the Tensor reporter, “WinTA is extremely easy-to-use and the product is reliable. Tensor’s Smart Cards are particularly good”. Direct Table intend to upgrade their system to the latest Tensor hardware and software later this year which will also include an automatic fire roll call linked to their fire alarm system and adding extra access control security.

Direct Table have used the Tensor Helpdesk and described how they felt as “Very happy with service overall” . Over the years Tensor’s operations department has needed to effect repairs to the hardware, and the quality of their work was described as “Good”

When asked what he liked most about Tensor, Chris said “Ease of use” and summing up Tensor in a few words “an excellent company to deal with” ; and would he recommend Tensor to other companies? — a resounding “Yes”

Direct Table Foods Ltd

Sopers Road,

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