York Barbell Install T&A and Access Control from Tensor

York Barbell is one of the worlds leading brands of fitness equipment, designing and manufacturing products in Canada, the UK, USA and the Far East. Their equipment is distributed to 40 countries around the world.

In January 2000 Operations Manager, Nelson Oliver, was in search of a computerised Time & Attendance system which included a good Absence Planning system and Access Control facility for the factory itself and the area where personnel records were kept.

Nelson looked at systems from Mitrefinch, Timeware, Crown Computing and Tensor. He decided to buy a Tensor WinTA Enterprise and Tensor Personnel system, in part, because it was actually recommended by another Tensor customer and Nelson was confident and happy with the recommendation.

When asked what were the main advantages of Tensor were over the competition, Nelson said Approach and simplicity of the Tensor system was a major factor. The Tensor system fitted our needs better.

The system was installed by Tensor with no problems encountered during the installation of the hardware or software.

Payroll Administrator, Denise Pucci, and Adrian Simms of IT Support were trained on the use of WinTA Enterprise and Tensor Personnel at the Hail Weston Training Centre. The quality of the training was described as Good.

Nelson explained that what he likes most about Tensor is that it suits his needs and adds extra security to the site combining different levels of security for different staff. This is particularly important as they employ a lot of temporary staff, so the setting right security level is essential to ensure that people can only come in when they are needed.

Very easy, was how Nelson described the use of WinTA Enterprise and Tensor Personnel. York Barbell also use the Fire Roll Call facility within WinTA Enterprise and test this once a month. Nelson described how the Access Control module of WinTA Enterprise automatically opens the doors when the alarms go off.

On occasions York Barbell have called the Tensor Help Desk, where they found the service to be Very helpful. Nelson described the service of the Tensor engineers as Quick and Efficient.

York Barbell are currently looking to extend the Tensor system to provide Time & Attendance and Access Control to some newly acquired premises.

When asked if he would recommend Tensor to other companies, Nelson replied Yes, I have already done so, and Tensor got the business!

Summing up in a few words he said Tensor meets our needs, the software is simple and logical, and covers everything we want and more — Tensor are value for money.


The York Barbell U.K. Plant was set up over 20 years ago and is based in Daventry, central England. York Barbell U.K. has a fully integrated production and logistics facility that can easily deliver to mainland U.K. due to its central position in the country.York Barbell U.K. manufacture Dumbells, Barbells, Home Gyms and a whole host of other York products

York Barbell UK Limited

Churchill Way,



NN11 4YB

website: https://yorkbarbell.com/

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