A J Wells install Tensor Time and Attendance and Fire Roll Call

A. J. Wells and Sons Ltd manufacturer some of the finest multi-fuel & wood burning stoves. Additionally, they manufacture signage for the London Underground and rail stations in the south of England and are also agents for chimney systems by Anki & fireplace products by Bodj.

The IT Manager of the company, Steve Crago and Managing Director, John Wells, were looking to replace their existing stamped cards clocking and time recording system with a modern electronic system that would integrate into the company’s computer network. There was a particular requirement that the management of clocking records and the processing of the associated personnel information, such as absences, should be done by department heads. Secondly, and very importantly, they wanted to be able to have a printed record of who was on site in the case of a fire. This latter requirement needed to be produced quickly in the case of an emergency.

A J Wells & sons reviewed systems from several suppliers including Tensor. They finally chose Tensor because “The product appeared to be a system that covered all the requirements we had at the time.” and “We weren’t sure whether the other products had the breadth of capability that the Tensor product had.”

A Tensor Smart Card based Time & Attendance and Fire Roll Call system was successfully installed to the company comprising four off T8440 Smart Card clocking stations linked to the company’s cat 5 Ethernet network. This was further upgraded by Tensor in the following year.

A J Wells & sons decided to install the system themselves and received no formal user training from Tensor, preferring to work from the documentation provided. They had no problems in installing the hardware or the software. “The Tensor system is usually reliable and continues to function without much interference from us” explained Steve Crago. “Once we had got accustomed to it, it became quite easy” was his view.

Asked for his experience of how easy it was to use the Tensor smart cards, Steve replied “Simplicity itself once we had taught people to not “swipe” the cards; as they are automatically read by the readers.”

A J Wells & sons have used the Fire Roll Call system for drill purposes and found that it worked fine. They have also used the Tensor Helpdesk. “They are helpful” was their view of the service.

Asked if he would recommend Tensor to other companies, Steve replied “Probably” and summing up Tensor in a few words, he concluded, “a good product and Tensor are generally helpful”.

A. J. Wells and Sons Ltd

Bishops Way
Isle Of Wight
PO30 5WS

Website: https://ajwells.co.uk/

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