AirBorn International Heighten Site Security with Tensor CCTV Surveillance

AirBorn International

For the last 60 years AirBorn has been at the forefront of innovation, design and manufacturing of high reliability connector technology. They specialise in aerospace cable assemblies, space defence, the medical market, and telecom transportation.

AirBorn currently has 103 UK-based employees and over 1,000 employees worldwide that are responsible for manufacturing electrical components for organisations such as Rolls Royce and NASA. These electrical components include those that go into military hardware, space exploration, and other day-to-day electrical items.

The AirBorn IT Manager, Richard Jennings, told the Tensor reporter that he started to look for an all-in-one CCTV and Time and Attendance System, “I was looking for a system that could do Time and Attendance and CCTV in one system, which is what really stood Tensor out of the crowd”.

“We were looking for a simple-to-use system which included accurate facial recognition. A lot of other systems that we looked at made mistakes on facial recognition or the CCTV quality was not up to standard or too expensive”. He added, “Tensor was good value for money and a reliable system. Tensor also provided us with good technical knowledge in the way that the system worked. The technical sales team were excellent and answered any queries we had during the initial presentation”, explained Mr. Jennings.

Following the system installation by Tensor, Mr. Jennings was extremely happy with the seamless process, “We currently have 15 cameras installed that cover the perimeters of the building and internally. What was great about the Tensor Installation Engineer was his positioning of the cameras. We had no black spots which was not easy to achieve with a bullet camera. Another great aspect of the installation was how the remote access to our CCTV cameras was set up. It was very well explained”.

Did Mr. Jennings receive any training on how to use the system? “Yes I did. A Tensor CCTV engineer came onto our site initially to gather information and confirm where the cameras would be located, and work with our network team to understand how they would get the cabling to the necessary CCTV points”.

When asked how he found the quality of the training, Mr. Jennings replied, “The training was very, very, very, good! No stone left unturned. Throughout the training process we were given clear instructions and documentation, and this continued after the installation too”. He added, “The after care is excellent. It wasn’t just holding our hands through the setup process, the Tensor trainer was very happy to help with any other issues or queries I had. Tensor always makes time for me which is fabulous”.

Has Mr. Jennings ever had to contact the Tensor Helpdesk? “Yes I have. They are always very professional”. According to Mr. Jennings, one of Tensor’s greatest strengths is “its wonderful customer service and support team who are always quick to respond and happy to go the extra mile to get things sorted”.

Is AirBorn International considering extending its Tensor system at all? “Yes”, said Mr. Jennings. “We are looking to add some additional cameras to the property in the near future to provide extra coverage to different areas of the building”.

When asked what he likes most about the Tensor CCTV and Time and Attendance system, Mr. Jennings replied, “The really great thing about Tensor is the ease-of-use, customisation, and the features it allows you to implement. There’s a lot that Tensor CCTV systems can do that other systems cannot. The reporting is excellent. The alerts that you get from doors and cameras are very in-depth, you can get very granular with the alerts that you want”.

Would Mr. Jennings recommend Tensor to other companies looking to install a CCTV System, Time and Attendance System,or a combined system? “Yes, I definitely 100% would! It’s very easy to set up and very easy-to-use”. He added, “Since we’ve had Tensor’s system we’ve actually caught 4 criminals, two graffiti artists, and assisted the Police with an incident that occurred next door. On a couple of occasions employees have left the front door open so we’ve been able to identify them and stop it happening again. It’s improved our security a lot”.

Summing Tensor up in a few words, Mr. Jennings said, “Results-orientated, engaging, and collaborative”.

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AirBorn International Ltd

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Tel: +44 (0)1732 864930


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