Amcor Flexibles Evesham goes for Tensor Time and Attendance package

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Amcor is a global leader in responsible global packaging solutions supplying a broad range of plastic (rigid & flexible), fibre, metal and glass packaging products to enhance the products consumers use in everyday life.

Amcor Flexibles is an important part of the Amcor group and the world’s largest supplier of flexible packaging, operating across 30 countries and 89 plants. Products include packaging for fresh foods such as meat, fish, bread, produce and dairy; processed foods such as confectionery, snack foods, coffee and ready meals; as well as high value-added resin and aluminium based medical applications, hospital supplies, pharmaceuticals, personal & home care products and specialty packaging.

Back in 2005, the company’s representatives started looking for a solution to replace their older clocking system, based on punch cards, for their manufacturing site located in Evesham, Worcestershire.

After considering some of the other competing systems available on the market at the time, Amcor Flexible representatives decided to ultimately opt for a Tensor Time and Attendance system, comprising multiple Tensor T3401 biometric + smart card readers, as well as several electromagnetic door locks and T1481G smart card scanners, along with an electronic clocking unit.

The entire system is brought together by the WinTA Access Enterprise application, which offers users a superior level of control over the creation of working rules, Access Control, Job Costing and System Security.

Moreover, the software also packs a very useful Export to Payroll function, allowing data from WinTA.NET to communicate with all the major payroll packages such as Sage, Pegasus, Centrefile, Unipay and many more.

It’s also interesting to mention that Amcor Flexibles also decided to implement the Tensor ID Badge Designer package, a simple badge printing system that enables customers to produce ID badges on their PC, keep a record of the badge holders and use visual checking of badges as an additional method of control.

The Tensor system was installed at Amcor Flexibles Evesham and is now used for general “time and attendance, payroll export and holiday planning” duties, as Mrs. Anna Marie Al-Khayat, HR Administrator for Amcor Flexibles Evesham, told the Tensor reporter.

Due to the specific nature of their activity, Amcor Flexibles Evesham has also decided to fully leverage the Fire Roll Call functionality provided by the Tensor Time & Attendance system, capable of controlling up to two printers for evacuation reporting purposes. On activation of a fire alarm panel, automatic roll-call reports are printed listing the names and departments of cardholders who remain on-site, while doors can also be configured to open automatically on fire alarm activation and lock automatically once the fire alarm activation condition has ceased.

The system enables administrators to book employees to a specific fire assembly point, and removes the cardholder from the fire roll-call report to provide a real-time roll call of any cardholders who remain in the building.

Unfortunately, since the employees who were initially trained on using the Tensor system have since left the company, knowledge regarding its use was passed down to their successors in the respective positions. “It was a sort of learn as you go experience”, Mrs. Anna Marie Al-Khayat revealed.

Due to a few functionality issues that appeared ever since the system was installed, Amcor Flexibles Evesham did have to get in touch with the Tensor help desk service several times, and the problems were sorted out.

Summing up, Mrs. Anna Marie Al-Khayat does appreciate the fact that the Tensor system has managed to “help make the transition from the old clocking cards to a new, integrated time and attendance solution”, making work a bit easier for the HR department.

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Amcor Flexibles Evesham

Orleans Close, Four Pools Ind Est Cheltenham Road


United Kingdom

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