Farm to Fork: Tensor Serve Avara Foods with Access Control System

Tensor with Avara Foods

Avara Foods is a UK-based food manufacturing giant, producing chicken and turkey products for customers across the country. They follow the full manufacturing cycle, from hatching the chicks, to growing and nurturing them on their farms, to culling them to preparing them in a variety of ways.

With 6,700 employees across the UK, on farms, mills, factories and in offices, Avara Foods required an access control system to ensure they knew exactly who was on site at all times for food hygiene and security purposes.

Daniel Foreman, the Systems Manager at Avara Foods, said “We are a food manufacturing company, so food security is very important”, when speaking to the Tensor reporter. He added, “As a meat preparation business, we have to make sure we know who we are letting in and can track employee whereabouts on site. This close control gives us the peace of mind that our customers will receive a 1st class product.”

Mr. Foreman told the Tensor reporter that Avara Foods “Put the Access Control project up for tender at our site in Wednesbury and Tensor came out on top, looking at what the system could do and from a cost point-of-view. When examining the tender responses, Tensor’s installation and support was the most cost-effective over a 5-year period”.

When asked whether Avara Foods will look to install a Tensor Biometric Access Control System, Mr. Foreman replied, “The nature of our business means that registering every employee for biometric access would be too time consuming. Issuing, re-issuing and recycling smart cards is the easiest option for us”.

“Yes, the Tensor after sales service is always good”, was Mr. Foreman’s response when asked whether he had ever had to call the Tensor Helpdesk.

When asked whether Avara Foods are considering extending the Tensor system, Mr. Foreman replied, “We have an Access Control project at our Bambury Mill site where we will be installing Tensor Access Control for the same reason as at our Wednesbury site – far better value for money. For this reason Tensor will be our Access Control supplier for the foreseeable future.

When asked what he likes most about the Tensor Access Control system, Mr. Foreman said “The interface is intuitive. I like the fact that it can be set up so that individuals can have their own unique access profile, which is difficult to achieve using Mitrefinch. It ‘plays’ well with the other systems when you get an export file”. He added, “The Tensor access control system just gets on with what it is supposed to do”.

Mr. Foreman said that he “would be happy” to recommend Tensor to other companies who are looking to install an Access Control system.

Asked to sum Tensor up in a few words, Mr. Foreman replied “Responsive from the outset. Whether speaking to Tensor account managers or getting help from the Helpdesk. Good value for money and good quality”.

Customer Information

Avara Foods

Wednesbury One,

4509 Black Country New Road,


West Midlands



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