BeeSwift uses Tensor’s granular features to streamline Time and Attendance

BeeSwift is a provider of safety equipment and workwear based in Birmingham and is one of the UK’s leading experts in protection gear for construction companies.

Beeswift is home to 180 staff across 2 sites, 1 in Birmingham and 1 in Enschede in the Netherlands.

Both sites have installed the Tensor’s Time and Attendance system. Our reporter asked Richard Newton the IT manager asked why he specifically chose Tensor,Mr. Newton said “we had designed our system before we moved to our current premises, we thought our system would cope with more staff, but we haven’t tested it in multiple sites so it didn’t work the way we wanted to - we chose tensor mainly because of the granularity of all the different settings and drill down to the Nth level we required in our spec that we needed”

“There were a lot of other fancier looking options, Capita being one of the big ones another one, but both didn’t give the right drill down functions like Tensor”

When asked about training and the quality of training Mr Newton said “we had multiple people trained, HR got trained as admins, we had a few classroom sessions to teach our warehouse operatives, but overall training was really good, we were given PDFs to refer back to in the case where we forgotten anything”

When asked if he felt he was using the Tensor system to its full potential Mr Newton told our reporter “we don’t use all of tensor’s features we don’t use the roll call or the training functionality, we don’t put everything into tensor because we didn’t need to, mainly we use tensor for staff clocking in, absences, holiday booking, staff rotas, staff shift patterns. However, we are using Tensor more than we did, it has taken a while for our staff to get used to with just the basics, and we’ve been adding bits when we are happy to add more functionality to our system.” The reporter also asked if he had any thoughts on the system to which he replied “It’s a complicated system, and it has taken a while for us to get used to it because of its complexity, but once we had our admins become more competent in using it, a lot of the functionality is easier, turnaround in doing things on the system is quicker. For example, adding new members of staff, once we were used to the system, knowing what fields we needed to fill and where those functions are. We’ve done it for a while now, so we got it down to a fine art”

When questioned about what he liked about the system Mr Newton answered “Tensor has a lot of offer, it’s a product with a lot of functionality, we like the granularity to configure to the nth level” he also stated “we like the function of how our staff can use the tensor app on their phone to book their holidays without having to be on company premises, they have info on holidays, clocking in information from the app so that’s been good for us - compared to our old system, there is extra functionality at our disposal”

Our reported then asked about the functionality of the smart card system, “we don’t use the tensor smart cards but the tensor staff have helped us implement our own cards to the tensor system”

“I’ve only had to call the helpdesk once or twice at the start, the rest of the time I’ve use the email and I’ve gotten a response quite quickly, and the service is really good, every time I contacted, the problems we have are resolve d quickly”

Our reporter asked if he had any plans on expanding the system Mr Newton stated “I am happy with tensor’s services, any time we have problems we can contact the helpdesk and although we don’t have plans to extend the tensor system now but if we take on another office we willchoose tensor” he then said to our reporter “we have recommended tensor to our customers when they asked technical questions about our time and attendance system”

Mr Newton summarised Tensor’s Time and Attendance system as “a fully granular time and attendance system, it was the type of thing we were looking for and that’s where Tensor excels”

Customer Information:

BeeSwift LTD

The Hub

Nobel Way


B6 7EU

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