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Part of the Abbeycrest Group, Brown and Newirth Ltd are one of the largest manufacturers of Wedding and Engagement rings and other jewellery in the UK. In 2007 the company wanted to replace their aging Time & Attendance System with a more up-to-date one that would provide better functionality and interoperability with their network and server systems.

They reviewed systems from multiple vendors and chose a Smart Card based WinTA Enterprise system from Tensor because of … a combination of features, scalability and pricing. It was pretty much the best value for the money. Brown and Newirth felt that the dominant advantage of Tensor was the scalability in the system. In particular, their business seemed to fall between small and large business requirements leaving them a choice between systems that did not do all that they needed, and systems that cost the earth and did far more than they needed. The Tensor system provided exactly the level of scalability that we were looking for they said.

A WinTA Enterprise system with two Smart Card clocking stations was installed by Tensor in early 2007. There were no problems with the installation of the hardware but they did experience some initial problems on some client installs when the software was set up on their server. Working with the Tensor Helpdesk, Brown and Newirth fixed their network/permissions issues until the install worked.

The Factory Manager at Brown and Newirth was trained on the use of the WinTA Enterprise system at Tensor’s training facility at Hail Weston. Very good was how he described the quality of the training.

Although Brown and Newirth do not think they yet use WinTA Enterprise to its full potential, they are happy that it accurately processes their Time and Attendance and reporting for wage purposes, which was the reason for purchasing the system.

Basic to use, fairly easily maintained and so far very stable and reliable was what they like most about WinTA Enterprise, and Very simple to use after only a half days training was how easy they felt the system was to use.

As far as to how well the workforce took to using the Tensor Smart Cards, We do not use Smart Cards! – we use Tensor’s Smart Key Fobs, these again are very simple to use was their comment.

Brown and Newirth said they use the WinTA Enterprise on-site and offsite report to print out the Fire Roll Call lists if they are required in case of fire emergencies. They do hold periodic fire drills.

Brown and Newirth have used the Tensor Helpdesk and thought …the service is good, although sometimes a rather long wait before talking to someone. However, in this day and age it is just nice to talk to a human.

What Brown and Newirth liked most about their WinTA Enterprise Time & Attendance system was its simplicity and the fact that individual department heads are able to use it to book their own staff holidays etc.

Would Brown and Newirth recommend Tensor to other companies? Yes, we would was the reply, and summing up their view of Tensor they said Perfectly fits the solution that we were looking for at the time, simple to use and requires minimal support from our I.T. team as there are very rarely any issues. The only issues we have been affected by are very rare loss of communication between the database and clocks. This is however very easily rectified.

Customer Information

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Brown and Newirth Ltd, one of the UK’s largest Jewellery Manufacturers

Retail Outlet :

The Wedding Ring Shop,
97 Hatton Garden,

Tel: 0207 4052453

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