Tensor Install Access Control and Time & Attendance for Global Engineering Specialists

Cambridge Vacuum Engineering Testimonial

Cambridge Vacuum Engineering has over 60 years experience in manufacturing specialised power beam welding equipment. With three sites based in Waterbeach, Cambridge, and further sites in China and the USA, Cambridge Vacuum Engineering employs around 90 members of staff.

At the beginning of 2020 during the first announcements of Covid-19 in the UK, Sadie Richardson, the IT Manager at Cambridge Vacuum Engineering, led a project to install a Time and Attendance System to better manage staff working hours, as well as an Access Control System to enhance site security.

“I knew Tensor from many years ago, so I knew that it would do exactly what was required”, Mrs. Richardson told the Tensor reporter. She added, “We do have a CCTV System from a local company in Cambridge and they do provide door locks etc, but we just felt that Tensor was far superior and a better fit for what we wanted”.

When asked if she had received any training on how to use the Tensor system, Mrs. Richardson replied, “Yes, we had training on how to use the Time and Attendance System and we have had further training since”. Mrs. Richardson described the Tensor training as “Very good!”.

Will Cambridge Vacuum Engineering be extending its Tensor systems in the future? “I think we have everything that we need at the moment. However we have asked Tensor to install a Car Park Barrier to further improve site security”.

When asked what she likes most about Tensor’s Access Control and Time & Attendance System, Mrs. Richardson replied, “I like the fact that it’s an integrated system providing both time management and access control”. She added, “Tensor’s Access Control System makes us feel more secure”.

Would Cambridge Vacuum Engineering recommend Tensor to other companies looking to install Time and Attendance and Access Control Systems? “Yes, I would”, said Mrs. Richardson.

Summing Tensor up in a few words, Mrs. Richardson said, “A very easy-to-understand, clear, and secure system”.

Customer information

Cambridge Vacuum Engineering

Pembroke Avenue,



CB25 9QX

United Kingdom

Email: sales@camvaceng.com

Telephone: +44 (0) 1223 863481

Website: https://camvaceng.com/

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