CPI Books Turned a New Page with Tensor Time and Attendance & Access Control

CPI Books

CPI Books, also known as CPI Print, is the UK’s leading book printing service provider, whose customers benefit from their supply chain solutions and global print network. CPI produces hardback and paperback books and journals across multiple channels.

Employing 855 employees across 9 book-making factories, the HR team at CPI Books require an exceptional Time and Attendance System as well as a global Access Control System to manage members of staff and security.

CPI Books have used Tensor’s Time and Attendance System for employee attendance management purposes, and have also used Tensor’s Access Control System to improve building security.

“We use Tensor’s Time and Attendance System to keep track of employee clocking times and Access Control to control entry and exit of the buildings”, said Sarah Bunton, HR Officer at CPI Books.

In terms of training on how to use the system, Mrs. Bunton told the Tensor reporter that she “went to our Peterborough site for on-site training by Tensor, and have since had additional training, on-site, which was very helpful”.

When asked if CPI Books have ever had to call the Tensor helpdesk for assistance, Mrs. Bunton replied, “Yes. The Tensor Helpdesk is very good!”

Is CPI Books looking to extend its Tensor system in any way? Mrs. Bunton said “As far as I know, we are not looking to extend our various Tensor systems at present as we have everything we need”.

When asked what she likes most about Tensor’s Time and Attendance System and Access Control System, Mrs. Bunton replied, “Its reliability. The Time and Attendance Software always gives us the reports we need”.

Would CPI Books recommend Tensor to other companies? “Yes, I would recommend Tensor to other companies looking to install a combined Time and Attendance and Access Control system”, concluded Mrs. Bunton.

Summing Tensor up in a few words, Mrs. Bunton said “A reliable company and system”.

Customer information

CPI Books

Badger Road,





Website: https://www.cpi-print.co.uk/

Tel: +44 (0)16 3467 3200

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