Cramlington Precision Forge Steers Towards a Tensor Time & Attendance System

Tensor case study with Cramlington Precision Forge

Cramlington Precision Forge provides high quality, precision-forged components to the commercial vehicle sector and industrial markets. They offer an unrivalled level of service at realistic prices for customers worldwide.

With over 124 employees at the site based in Cramlington, Northumberland, the commercial vehicle component makers decided that a time and attendance system was required in order to improve on-site HR matters.

“Initially, we had no time and attendance system in place so we just had to go off of the employee's word on the hours they had worked”, said HR Officer, Amanda Montgomery, when speaking to the Tensor reporter.

“We use Tensor’s time and attendance system for running attendance reports as well as personnel files”, Miss Montgomery added. “We also use the Self Service Module so that our employees can request to book off their holidays.”

When asked if Tensor could improve its service in any area to Cramlington Precision Forge, Miss Montgomery replied: “No, we have never had any issues with the system. If we inquire about something then we always have a point of contact – it’s easy to get hold of somebody and get help.”

Tensor’s fire roll call was initially used at Cramlington Precision Forge until they changed their fire alarm, however, they “would like to have the fire roll call back in the future because it was very good”, Miss Montgomery told the Tensor reporter.

HR Officer, Amanda, described the quality of the only time she has had to call the Tensor Helpdesk as “Good!” She added: “The service was very quick and my issue was resolved, first time.”

When asked what she likes most about the Tensor time and attendance system, Miss Montgomery exclaimed, “the ease. It is very easy to use once you know what you’re doing.”

“Yes I would”, was the answer she gave when asked whether she would recommend Tensor to other SME companies.

Summing up Tensor is a few words to our reporter, HR Officer, Amanda said “Easy, accessible and reliable.”

Customer Information

Cramlington Precision Forge Ltd
Unit 8
Atley Way
North Nelson Industrial Estate
NE23 1WA

Phone: 01670 716811

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