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Tensor case study with Daher

Daher Aerospace is a leader in aircraft manufacturing, aerospace equipment and systems, and logistics and supply chain services. The company was founded in 1863, originally as a shipping company, before becoming a pioneering member of the aircraft manufacturing industry in 1911. It is the oldest aircraft manufacturer still in operation today and has a presence in 13 countries across the world including France, the UK, the USA, and Morocco.

Daher operates several sites across the UK where Tensor Time and Attendance and Access Control Systems have been installed for many years. An internal IT audit, three years ago, revealed that Daher Aerospace needed to upgrade their existing Tensor hardware and software to maintain systems at optimum capacity.

The upgrade happened with Tensor Operations and Systems engineers who were in charge of the entire process, but Daher IT staff were closely involved. Some small functionality issues during the upgrade were swiftly sorted out by Tensor staff.

The HR manager, the assistant accountant and the Tensor contact Lisa, who is now the HR Officer, were given training in the administration of their new Tensor products. This training took place on their site. Lisa described the training as “Very straightforward, with a friendly and professional trainer.”

Daher uses Tensor for attendance monitoring, managing flexi-time as well as holiday management. Data is automatically exported to their third party payroll software. They also use the Tensor HR management software and Access Control software to oversee security.

The process of clocking-in is very fast with the Tensor smart cards and was described as “very easy to use.” Just the size of a standard credit card, the Tensor smart cards are very durable and long-lasting – thin and flexible enough to be carried in a wallet or pocket. The radio-frequency contactless technology means that clocking-in can be carried out without needing to remove the smartcard from your wallet or pocket.

Asked what she likes most about Tensor, Lisa replied that “the system management is very user-friendly. Even someone without a great deal of technical knowledge can navigate it successfully.”

As well as the upgrade giving them access to the slick, modern features within Tensor.NET; the new, highly-reliable T32xx series of clocking units were a great success. Lisa said it resulted in “more responsive and user-friendly system administration.”

Daher has used the Tensor Helpdesk on a number of occasions. Reporting on the support they received, Lisa said, “it has greatly improved in terms of quality and speed of response ever since the Tensor systems were originally installed.

Lisa was complimentary about the service delivered by the Tensor Operations who undertook the physical installation of the equipment, calling it “very, very good.”

Asked whether Daher had any plans to extend their Tensor system, Lisa said that the company is investigating two possible avenues for expansion:

  • The automated Fire Roll Call facility within Tensor.NET has the ability to produce an automatic attendance list. This would suit Daher’s safety requirements. On activation of a fire alarm panel, the system generates automated roll-call reports listing the names and departments of on-site cardholders. These reports are available either as print-outs or via the new Tensor Fire Roll Call mobile phone app, where fire marshals ‘check’ people off removing them in real-time from those remaining in the building.
  • The Self-Service Visitor Management App (SSVM), which would make Daher’s visitor check-in process more secure and lighten the receptionist’s workload. This phone app runs on any compatible iOS/Android touchscreen device. It transforms the tablet into a self-service checking-in kiosk, prompting visitors to Check-In or Out against a pre-planned appointment or book an ad hoc, one-off visit; simultaneously notifying their hosts and automatically enrolling the visitor onto the visitor management system. It supports multiple visitor types (Visitor/Contractor/Employee).

Summing up Daher’s experience of Tensor, Lisa concluded: “It is a robust system. When problems occur, the resolutions are good quality and easy to follow.”

Customer Information

Daher Aerospace Ltd
Amberley Drive
Sinfin Lane
DE24 9RE

Website: daher.com
01332 274300
Email: daher.com/en/contact

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