Tensor installs efficient and reliable Time & Attendance System at Holdens SupaSeal

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Holdens SupaSeal are manufacturers of premium quality high performance double glazed sealed units, also known as Insulating Glass Units (IGU). Established for over 70 years, Holdens SupaSeal remains an independent family-owned company famous within the glass industry for the high quality products it delivers.

Holdens SupaSeal offer a range of high performing glazed units incorporating the latest glass technologies; energy efficiency, self cleaning, solar control, together with warm-edge spacer and argon gas filling.

As the demand for double glazing has increased, Holden’s have seen a surge in business activity and the management team decided to extend the firm’s manufacturing facilities. This was also the perfect opportunity to do away with their old manual clock card system and replace it with a modern computer cased clocking system.

After reviewing several competing systems, the board of directors decided to purchase a WinTA Lite Time and Attendance solution following the completion of extension work on the company’s site.

Tensor offered the right product for the right price and at the right time”, Tony Whitehall, Accounts Payable Manager at Holdens SupaSeal, recalled.

The WinTA Lite Time & Attendance software package is perfect for small and medium sized businesses and combines the requirements of Time and Attendance, Access Control, Visitor Monitoring and Identification Pass production all within one system. Using the latest technology of fast-to-read Smart Card and Biometrics technology it creates the ultimate Time Management and Security system.

Hardware-wise, the system installed at Holdens SupaSeal features a T8440 Time & Attendance clocking station, equipped with a fluorescent back-lit blue light LCD display with 6 lines of 21 characters that enables larger characters to be shown for the time and In and Out status.

Integral within the T8440 is a Tensor “Smart Card” proximity reader capable of reading any of the Tensor smart cards or I.D. Tags, while a high grade “wipe down” keypad and display overlay is suitably legended for Time & Attendance, so that employees can log the reasons for going off/on site, such as “out on business” and allow them to record other entries directly at the clocking station.

No major problems were encountered during the system’s installation and configuration. Tensor’s WinTA Lite has been successfully recording staff attendance for “a long time now and still working to its full potential”, according to Tony.

When asked what he likes most about the Tensor, Tony’s answer was simple, “its intuitive and easy to use. It’s also very reliable and a perfect fit for our company’s needs.”

Tony also believes that the Smart Cards included in the WinTA system have been very easy-to-use for their employees. In his own words, ”The smart cards are a fast and simple solution. We had to replace a few of them over time, but that was due to normal wear and tear.”

Ever since the system was installed, calls to the Tensor support line have been few and far between.

We’ve only had a couple of software problems since the system was installed.” said Tony. “However, the Tensor helpdesk has always been hand and sorted out every issue quickly and efficiently. In fact, we haven’t contacted you guys in a long time.” he added.

Not surprisingly, when asked whether Tensor could improve its overall service, Tony exclaimed “No, I can’t really see where”.

Rounding up his view of Tensor, Tony said: “Before putting in the Tensor Time and Attendance system, monitoring worked hours for each employee was difficult and time-consuming. With Tensor, everything is simple and straightforward, saving us a lot of precious time and money.”


Customer Information

Holdens SupaSeal Limited

505 Garrett’s Green Lane


B33 0SG

Web: https://holdens-supaseal.co.uk/

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