Dowle VES implements advanced Tensor Time & Attendance solution

Dowle VES implements advanced Tensor Time & Attendance solution

Dowle VES is an important manufacturer of car interiors and upholstery solutions based in Dover, Kent. The company employs around 100 staff members at the site, working in multiple shifts.

Mrs. Karen Steele, Dowle VES administrator, recalls that,a few years ago, the company’s board decided to implement an advanced time and attendance system, designed to thoroughly control their staff’s activity in terms of worked hours, shift patterns, etc.

After considering a couple of systems, Dowle VES decided to opt for a Tensor Time and Attendance solution. “Since it worked fine, the system was then upgraded to the WinTA.NET Business version a couple of years ago”, Mrs. Steele revealed.

The Tensor WinTA.NET Business Edition is a world-class web enabled Smart Card based Time & Attendance and Integrated Security Management System that manages to combine in a very solid and reliable manner the requirements of Time & Attendance, Access Control, Visitor Monitoring, and Identification Pass Production, and Job Costing, with our fast Smart Card and Biometrics electronics, to create the ultimate Time Management and Security system.

The system delivers an extensive level of functionality, offering complete access to such features as absenteeism & lateness reporting, Access Control with graphic maps and email alerts for all types of doors, barriers, turnstiles & gates. Moreover, it enables users to set comprehensive Working Patterns, Rosters, and Shifts, define Annualised hours and Flexitime methods of payment, and also set alerts for manning levels.

Another very interesting feature of the WinTA.NET system is the fact that it’s actually built out of a series of separate modules designed to add extra core functionality to various sides of the system. In this way, expanding the system when necessary is an extremely fast and easy process, without the need for reinstalling the applications or re-deploying them across various locations.

As far as the hardware and software installation processes are concerned, both were carried out by Tensor engineers and things went fairly smoothly, the Dowle VES administrator remembered.

Mrs. Steele was trained on using the Time and Attendance system’s various features. “The training was very good, it was fine”, she replied when asked by the Tensor reporter to describe the quality of the training process.

When asked what she likes most about the Tensor system, Mrs. Steele told our reporter that her favourite part is that “it makes the entire payroll system a lot easier”. Even so, she admits that the system hasn’t really reached its full potential just yet. “There are quite a few things that we could look more into”, Mrs. Steele said.

In terms of usability, the Dowle VES administrator believes that “once properly set-up, the Tensor system is quite simple and straightforward to use”. Also, when asked whether she believes that the Tensor Smart Cards are easy to use, Mrs. Steele answered “Yes, absolutely!”.

Mrs. Karen Steele had to call the Tensor Help Desk in order to sort out a couple of functionality issues that appeared over time. She told our reporter that “the quality of the service they provided was good.”

However, the support Mrs. Steele got from the Help Desk proved to be quite good, so Tensor’s operations department were never called on site to repair the system.

When questioned about the areas where Tensor could improve the quality of the service it provides to Dowle VES, Mrs. Steele answered that she “can’t think of anything, really”, since the system works well, to the required standards.

Mrs. Steele replied with a definite“Yes”when asked whether she would recommend the Tensor system to other companies.

Finally, summing up the relationship between Dowle VES and Tensor, Mrs. Karen Steele said that “The system works fine for us. And the training was very helpful too.”

Customer Information:

Dowle V E S Ltd

Hollow Wood Road

Postcode: CT17 0UB

Dover, Kent

Telephone: 01304 206 309

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