Tensor Time and Attendance Becomes the Bread & Butter for Fosters Bakery

Fosters Bakery

Fosters Bakery is an international supplier of bakery goods for a number of sectors such as pubs, restaurants and airports. They provide the finest bread for sandwiches, bread rolls, hotdog rolls and brioches, as well as having a small section of gluten-free and confectionery.

Based in South Yorkshire with around 135 employees, Fosters Bakery were looking to reduce the number of different Time and Attendance and HR Systems they had in order to streamline the day-to-day running of the business.

The newly employed HR Manager, Ellen Caves, was tasked with finding a new Time and Attendance System. “We had a lot of packages offered to us but Tensor was the one that stood out”, she told the Tensor reporter. “When I joined the company, they were using a lot of different systems; one for Holidays, one for Payroll and so on. My aim was to try and get all of the systems under one umbrella, which Tensor allowed us to do”, she added.

When asked why Fosters Bakery chose Tensor over every other Tender, Mrs. Caves said, “Number one was the cost. We were really happy with the cost, and it worked out cheaper than all of the other systems that we were using previously combined. We had some astronomical quotes from other companies but with Tensor we were getting everything we wanted for a fraction of the price”. She added, “We had a few demos and then it became clear that Tensor had everything we needed”.

Mrs. Caves, along with the Fosters Bakery Accountant and Wages Clerk at the time, were all trained on how to use the Tensor Time and Attendance System and Self-Service Module. “Training was brilliant. The Tensor Trainer was absolutely fantastic and he took time to set all of our systems up. Whenever I drop him an email he gets back to me really quickly”, she told the Tensor reporter.

When Mrs. Caves was asked for feedback on the quality of service she has received from the Tensor Helpdesk, her response was, “The Tensor Helpdesk is absolutely fine. They’ve always managed to sort out any small issues straight away and they seem to have a lot of time for you. Overall, really happy with the level of service”.

Will Fosters Bakery be extending their Tensor at all? “At the moment, no; we are happy with what we have and Tensor fits the bill”.

Asked what she likes most about Tensor Time and Attendance and the Self-Service Module, Mrs. Caves replied, “Its accessibility for all employees in our Bakery compared to using the old system. It’s very easy for employees to see their clocking status”.

When asked if Fosters Bakery would recommend Tensor to other companies looking to install a Time and Attendance System, Mrs. Caves said, “Yes and I do. I am a member of a HR Professionals group on Facebook and I have recommended Tensor’s Time and Attendance System to people on there. I also initially used the HR page to research about Tensor and I couldn’t find any negative feedback on there at all”.

Summing the Tensor Time and Attendance System up in a few words, Mrs. Caves said, “It’s just easy-to-use! It’s very user friendly and it does what it says it does on the tin”.

Customer Information

Fosters Bakery




S75 6AS

Website: https://www.fostersbakery.co.uk/

Telephone: 01226 382877

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