GSM Automotive Steer Towards Tensor for Time & Attendance and Access Control

Tensor case study GSM Automotive

GSM Automotive is a global manufacturer of interior and exterior vehicle components and assemblies with a heritage reaching back over 30 years. Today, GSM has a manufacturing footprint which extends over 2 continents. They have sites in the UK, Mexico and Poland.

With hundreds of employees in the UK and globally, GSM Automotive needed a time and attendance system that would not only take pressure off the HR team, but also allow employees to easily clock in and out of shifts. The system had to be capable of being installed globally with multiple time zones.

Hence, GSM Automotive decided to install Tensor at one of their sites in Witney.

The Tensor system has been working fine all along, then, the GSM Automotive HR Manager, Diane Dick decided to extend the Tensor time and attendance system to the three other manufacturing plants. “We’d had it in Witney for forever and a day so we made the decision that we were going to install the system across all 4 of our sites because it was a system that was well-known to us, worked well, and we were using it for so long”.

Mrs. Dick told the Tensor reporter that GSM booked a 3-day training package with Tensor to help get their employees up-to-speed with the latest version of the software. This was spread out across 6 half-day training sessions to avoid an information overload. “It was informative!” remarked Mrs. Dick.

When asked whether GSM have ever had to use the Tensor Helpdesk, Mrs. Dick replied “They have been quick and efficient. I was recently at our site in Mexico and I couldn’t do something that I could do on our system in the UK and the Tensor helpdesk found a resolution”.

GSM Automotive is also looking to integrate the Tensor Access Control system with their existing Tensor time and attendance system. Mrs. Dick said “We currently all wear two fobs around our necks, one to open the doors and the other to clock in and out of shifts. With Tensor’s Access Control we will only need one fob to control everything in the building”.

Mrs. Dick said what she likes most about the Tensor system is “The fact that it is all in one place and the fact that we will be able to do one lot of data input, so that each key fob knows which doors that individual is granted access to. She added, “There are a lot of things that we couldn’t do on the old system that we can do with Tensor. It does everything we need it to do”.

When asked whether she would recommend Tensor to other companies, Mrs. Dick replied “I would, because it’s a good system and is far better than what we had installed previously”.

Asked to sum Tensor up in a few words, Mrs. Dick said “Intuitive and straightforward to use. If people were to ask us we would say ‘Tensor does everything we need it to do’”.

Customer Information

GSM Automotive

Avenue One,

Station Lane Industrial estate,


OX28 4BZ

Telephone: 01993 776511



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