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Holywell Middle School is located near Cranfield in Bedfordshire where they educate pupils aged from 9 to 13 years old. In early 2009, the school's business manager, Colleen Dinner, was reviewing fire health and safety procedures after having been requested to do so by the acting head at that time.

In particular, the school needed to be able to account for staff as accurately as they did the pupils. Colleen reviewed the various systems available in the marketplace and on the internet and decided upon a system from Tensor because Tensor was the only company to do a fire roll call system, according to my search engine, and the price was right.

Tensor installed the new Fire Roll Call and attendance monitoring system in May of the same year. When Colleen was trained on how to use the new system by Tensor personnel, “very good was how she described its quality. Although Colleen feels she probably does not use the Tensor system to its full potential, she is certain that it meets all of the school's needs. When asked how well the staff took to using the smart cards, Colleen replied they are very easy to use, no problems at all.”

By installing the Tensor Fire Roll Call system, Holywell Middle School are now able to print out immediate fire roll call reports containing crucial information concerning who is on-site. Unlike most other systems, this fire roll call function is executed directly from the clocking station and does not rely on the controlling PC or computer infrastructure. This means that when the fire alarm is activated in the school the evacuation list is then printed automatically and immediately at a safe pre-determined muster point, enabling the staff to evacuate quickly, safely and account for all those present.

Holywell Middle School have already successfully tested the system during their regular fire drills and feel comfortable with using it to create their instantaneous evacuation reports too.

When asked what she liked most about the system, Colleen replied it’s very easy to use, maintain and represents real value for money,” and when asked if she would recommend the system to other schools the answer was “definitely, yes!”

Summing up the school's experience of Tensor, Colleen concluded: “The Tensor staff are very good ambassadors of the company and ensured we were very happy with the outcome, even after installation.

Customer Information

Holywell Church of England Middle School
Red Lion Close
Mk43 0JA

Phone: 01234 750381

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