Jewson Distribution Centre installs Time and Attendance system

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Jewson is the UK’s foremost Timber and Building Materials Supplier with over 586 branches nationwide, many of which contain a tool hire facility too. – so you can buy and hire under the same roof.

The national distribution centre located in Cannock just north of Birmingham serves over 586 Jewson Group stores around the UK and used to have an old punch-card time and attendance system.

They installed a Tensor system to reduce the amount of administration time taken in processing the 90 warehouse employee time cards.

Mathew Walton from the IT support team said “We have back shifts, nightshifts and shift premiums making the job of calculating hours for payroll even more complex. “

Jewson’s sister company, Calders & Grandidge, recommended Tensor as they were pleased with the system they had installed 18 months ago. They find it easy to use and to review employee hours and historical data.

“Before Tensor, if we had wanted to get details of employee attendance or holidays we would have had to check the old time cards.” said Mathew. “The old punch-card may have told you a person was off but would not tell you why, with Tensor all this information can be easily viewed as and when required.”

Warehouse staff have not noticed any difference with the introduction of Tensor, apart from the speed of clocking in and out compared to the old punch-card system.

Jewson have come a long way since their first provisions store opened in Huntingdonshire in 1836. They have grown to become the supplier millions of tradesmen trust. In fact, Jewson joined forces with the Graham Group to guarantee their customers even more choice in even more locations.

So now you’ll find even more Jewson branches supplying timber, building, plumbing and heating materials, kitchens, bathrooms, sanitary ware and ironmongery across the UK.

Their website contains more information about the company, details of the latest offers and a store locator.

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