Kinnerton Enjoy Sweet Taste of Tensor Time & Attendance and Access Control

Tensor Case Study with Kinnerton Confectionery

Kinnerton Confectionery is one of the UK’s top chocolate manufacturing companies, providing a wide range of chocolate products to all of the main retailers in the country.

Around 450 employees based at their site in Fakenham, Norfolk, with another 160 based at their site in Sherburn in Elmet, Leeds, Kinnerton installed Tensor’s Access Control and Time and Attendance systems across multiple sites some years ago to help cope with staff management and have been using the system ever since. Tensor Time and Attendance is also installed at two other sites in Hull and Lincolnshire.

We spoke with Richard Boddy, Analyst Support Programmer at Zertus UK; Lewis Thompson, HR Manager at Kinnerton and Aleksandra Senkova, HR Advisor at Kinnerton, to understand their views on both Tensor’s Time and Attendance and Access Control Systems. Kinnerton also have Biometric Time and Attendance and Biometric Access Control installed at their sites in Fakenham and Hull.

Mr. Thompson said their aims and objectives when installing Tensor were “To be able to record hours worked, plan holiday leave for our employees and store data for HR purposes”. Mr. Boddy added, “Previously we used Kronos as a Time and Attendance System but it wasn’t good enough”.

When asked why they chose Tensor for Time & Attendance and Access Control purposes, Mr. Boddy replied, “The people in charge of HR had previously used Tensor elsewhere, so it was a system they were familiar with and knew that it worked”.

Mrs. Senkova told the Tensor reporter that she received a two-day training session when the system was installed. She added, “I had worked with Tensor previously so I used the training sessions as a refresher and to get a deeper understanding of the system”. Mr. Thompson also received training sessions on how to use the Tensor system, “You learnt everything you needed to know. There was a lot to take in but it worked and it was useful to have”, he remarked.

When asked whether Mrs. Senkova has ever had to use the Tensor Helpdesk, she replied, “The Helpdesk has always been helpful and my issues have always been resolved with me directly or Tensor have contacted our IT department”.

Both Mr. Thompson and Mrs. Senkova told the Tensor reporter that Tensor’s Time and Attendance and Access Control systems “do everything we need it to do”, when asked whether Kinnerton were considering extending either system. Mrs. Senkova added, “Everyone who uses the system knows what to do and how to use it”.

When asked what they like most about the Tensor systems, Mr. Thompson replied, “Tensor’s time and attendance system is easy-to-use and it took a lot of pressure off the HR team in comparison to the old system where we needed to do everything. The fact that I was able to delegate some of the responsibility was really helpful”, while Mrs. Senkova followed up by saying “It does what it says. You can record the absences on the system, update and delete them quite easily. The absence planner allows managers to easily see who is off sick, who has holidays etc – everything is there in one place”.

Asked if they would recommend Tensor to other companies looking to install a Time and Attendance System and/or an Access Control System, Mr. Thompson replied, “Yes, I would!”. Mrs. Senkova’s response was, “Absolutely, yes! It is straightforward to use”.

Summing Tensor up in a few words, Mrs. Senkova said, “It is easy-to-use, easy to report, and easy to work with”, while Mr. Thompson replied, “Fit for purpose. It does exactly what you expect a time and attendance system and access control system to do”.

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